The story of Federico

Federico Rellini is a Process Technologist in Performance Coatings. He has been working for Stahl since December 2015. He is located at the Stahl location Peschiera Borromeo in Italy.

1. What is your personal vision on the theme ‘bright’?
In my opinion, bright is the key to success. If we look at smart people, important people in history, successful people, we can clearly see that one thing they have in common is ‘BRIGHT’. Bright thinking, bright ideas… 
So… if someone asks me what my idea about bright is, it is the key that makes a difference.

2. What is your impression of ‘brightness’ at Stahl?
Stahl is a company that really stands for ‘bright’ and if we look at the past, ‘bright’ is one the things that allowed Stahl to become the company it is today. A company that invests a lot in research and development and that likes to look towards the future to solve problems before they even appear.

3. What in your opinion is the ‘brightest’ solution / project Stahl ever created?
Honestly I am not able to answer that, because I’m quite new and Stahl has so many bright solutions. But I’m really impressed about the organization and how much it takes care of its

4. When you think about ‘bright’, what is your dream scenario for the future?
My dream for the future is to be able to create products with really bright colors that communicate happiness and are totally sustainable.
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