The story of Joost

Joost Gosens, SHE-Q Manager 
Stahl Europe B.V.
A chemical company such as Stahl must be extra cautious when it comes to safety. Being Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Manager of Stahl Europe B.V., Joost Gosens is constantly monitoring and improving this.

"Safe teamwork starts with making an effective safety plan that is followed by everyone,” says Joost when talking about his job. “Safety is ultimately about behavior, sticking to agreements and talking to each other about poor conduct. If we work as individuals, there will be an increased risk of situations that cannot be controlled. Safety is a shared responsibility. At Stahl, we are always focused on paying sufficient attention to all potential risks and continue to improve and optimize our safety. Most incidents are not caused by technical or organizational aspects, but human behavior like: 
  • Not paying attention while walking
  • Not using the right tools
  • Not wearing protective clothing
  • Not following procedure when handling chemicals. 

"It is my job to continuously monitor and improve all Safety, Health & Environment aspects at Stahl Europe B.V. Luckily we have no history of severe incidents at Stahl and me and my colleagues are working very hard every day to keep it this way!

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