The story of Matteo

Matteo Baldi, Marketing Manager Leather Finish and Manager of the Center of Excellence for Shoe & Leather Goods
Matteo Baldi is a Stahl employee since 2010. He hails from a family of tanners so leather is in his genes. He cannot imagine a better job than the one he currently holds. "I am very proud to be given the opportunity to work for Stahl. It makes me 100% happy."

You could say that the love of leather was ingrained in him from an early age. When he was young, Matteo already worked in the family business during his holidays. He developed a wealth of knowledge about the product, which was further enhanced during his studies at the tannery school of San Miniato.

Matteo grew up in Santa Croce, halfway Pisa and Florence. After graduating from the tannery school in nearby San Miniato, he worked with various companies until he arrived at Stahl at the age of 25. "In those early days I travelled all over the world," he says. "As an international Leather Finish Technician, I supported tanneries. This took me to China, Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Tunisia, to name just a few. However, I spent most of my time in Asia."
Matteo was constantly on the move in that first year. "Of course, all the horror stories you hear about frequent flyers happened to me. Baggage was lost, was sent after me around the globe only to be retrieved at the place where I originally lost it." Matteo, always in good spirits, laughs out loud at the memory. After that initial 'year of travelling', he spent a year at HQ Waalwijk, then moved to Barcelona and is back now in Santa Croce where he grew up.

I am very proud to be working with Stahl and am 100% happy here. All my colleagues are extremely loyal and committed. Wherever you are in the world, if you are with Stahl colleagues, you will always feel at home.."

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