This is how we take our responsibility

At Stahl, we take our responsibility seriously. Sidnei Blos, Global Market Manager Synthetics, discusses this topic below. 

According to Sidnei: “Since I joined Stahl about 6 years ago, I’ve seen and felt that responsibility is part of the company culture. We are encouraged to take decisions but also to take responsibility for them and for the effect they have on the well-being of our people and on the environment. This leads to a positive and dynamic working atmosphere which is evident around the Stahl world. 

Sidnei sees several examples of responsibility in daily practice: “For instance, look at Stahl’s new product developments that are oriented towards more sustainable solutions, the code of conduct for employees and third-party partners, and our rigid control of waste and safer processing of chemicals. However, for me the most significant example is personal conduct of our employees, which has such a positive influence on people, both within and outside the company.” 

Towards a more sustainable future Sidnei believes a better future is possible if we take responsibility for it. : “As we speak, specific environmental initiatives and innovative product development projects towards a more sustainable industry are underway in Stahl. I’m expecting to see positive results because I believe that the most important influence we can have as a company is to reduce the environmental footprint linked to our activities. As a global chemical company and market leader, we have the ability and the responsibility to achieve this change.” 
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