Future trends and color forecasts for automotive in “Design Inspirations 2016”

Our Stahl Design Studio® for automotive specializes in future trends and color forecasts. At the studio, we develop appealing leather and synthetics trend collections for the automotive industry. We also support customers in translating these trends into future product designs. 
Based on the latest insights from leading experts, we develop a brand new automotive leather trend collection once a year. Additionally, every other year, we create an automotive performance coating trend collection. With these collections we aim to inspire customers and prospects to integrate the latest fashion, color and technology trends into their products. Offering a fashionable look and feel, we also ensure that the collections meet all conceivable technical requirements. This includes such things as excellent quality, durability and specific performance characteristics.

Sensory car interior experience
Our latest release is the leather and performance coating trend box “Design Inspirations 2016”. Presented at the 2016 CES Fair in Las Vegas, the new Rinspeed Concept Car, the Σtos, was one concrete example of a product that was created with the future trends in mind.
In the interior of the ?tos, Stahl created a sensory experience for the customer with the use of different substrates such as glow-in-the-dark for leather car interiors. We also created a series of matching fashion and lifestyle accessories.
At Stahl, we believe that a lot of trends start in fashion before they spread into furniture, interior design and automotive. To ensure our trend boxes are top-notch, we are a member of several online trend information sources and a member of the international Color Marketing Group. Furthermore, we visit relevant fairs such as IAA, Geneva Auto Salon, Milano Furniture Fair, Premiere Vision in Paris and we conduct general research into trends. Our dedicated team is always on the lookout for new trends and this leads them to create a great range of articles that are in line with future developments. The trend box also includes a general trend book with the latest color forecasts.

Design Inspirations 2016 and beyond
The general themes for the upcoming period are:
  • Connectivity and digitalization (autonomous driving and electric cars)
  • Reduction of CO²
  • Sustainable materials
  • Light colors
  • Feel and touch needs to be natural and soft
  • Decorations (like embroidery, perforations, design embossing, tipping, cloud effects and pearl or iridescent effects) for both luxury and mass production cars
  • Lightweights
  • All affordable

The key elements of our new “Design Inspirations 2016” Trend Collection are:
  • “Fascination of diving into other worlds”
  • Imagine jumping and diving into a black hole and discovering other worlds.
  • Expect big developments for Virtual Reality.

This translates into four trend themes:
  1. We dive into softness and lounge for limousines, a.k.a. “DEEP COCOONING”. The colors for this trend theme are a delicate harmony, offering warm feminine and sensitive color shades: light gray, (brownish warm) skin color, precious beige, (candy-like) warm rose and a light powder tone. The surfaces we find have a soft feel and touch (snuggle up elegantly), as felt in lightweight and spongy fabrics. The form trends in this group are soft and comfortable volumes.
  2. We dive into cyberspace and play for small futuristic cars, a.k.a. “DEEP CYBER SPACE”. The colors for this trend theme are black & white, artificial tones with a bright orange signal effect, a softer artificial yellow orange pastel and a grayish violet high-tech tone. The surfaces are high-tech: touchscreens, glow-in-the-dark, mirror effects and rainbow effects, while the form trend in this group is 3D constructions with cut-outs and graphical elements.
  3. We dive into water and swim for family cars, a.k.a. “DEEP OCEAN”. The colors for this trend are shades of the sea: coral red, acid bright colors combined with bioluminescence effects in a dark background, blue Azures and Turquoises and a grayish turtle green. In regards to surfaces, think floating highlights such as alien glows, rainbow effects and iridescent, translucent and liquid appearances. The form trends are otherworldly shapes: aquatic plant life, strange sea creatures, and flowing cuts like the gliding movements of a fish.
  4. We dive into universe and discover the origin for outdoor, a.k.a. “DEEP UNIVERSE”. The matching colors are shades of stone, minerals and meteors: dark khaki brown, dark petrol gray, burned earth brown, a lava red tone and a dirty stardust yellow. The surface trend is stone worlds (broken, burned, porous and decomposed appearances) and rusted and aged materials, while form trends are primal futurism: monumental, primitive and rustic forms, combined with future technologies.
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