Unique crosslinkers designed for high performance

Within the world of automotive, the desires of industry and consumers alike are growing more and more. Requirements regarding comfort, safety, style and technical possibilities, as well as requirements regarding sustainability. With our RelcaLink™ and other unique crosslinkers for waterborne coatings, Stahl offers both water-based and solvent-based systems that are based on different chemistries and meet all stringent requirements. 

As you know, crosslinkers are chemicals that improve the physical properties of coatings through reacting with various binders or with themselves. Crosslinkers are used in case added properties, such as increased strength, additional hardness, enhanced adhesion or chemical resistance are required from a coating. Our multifunctional crosslinker RelcaLink™ 10 provides rapid curing, high crosslink density, squeak and itch suppression and possesses excellent anti-blocking properties. RelcaLink™ 10 is especially designed to provide high chemical resistance without losing the desired softness and flexibility of the coating. 

VOC-free, more sustainable
The crosslinkers in our Permutex® XR portfolio, all have their own properties that make them the best solution in specific situations. Permutex® XR-13-554 for instance, is our low-VOC, more sustainable version of the polycarbodiimide crosslinker Permutex® XR-5580 that offers 2-stage extra reactivity for optimum resistance properties, while Permutex® XR-13-621 in its turn is the HAPs-free, multifunctional version. Permutex® XR-5508, the water-based polycarbodiimide crosslinker is not only VOC-free, but also has an extreme long pot-life, making it the upgraded version of our Permutex® XR-5577. 

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