Upgrade the value of your leather
Due to the huge global demand for leather, i twill become increasingly difficult to source high-quality leather. To deal with this, Stahl offer various solutions to improve the leather quality through the use of specific techniques.

  • Pre-base
    You have bovine hides. However, there are imperfections such as scratches, veins and insect damage that lower the value. During the finishing process you can use our pre-base to cover these defects.
  • Foam finishes
    During the finishing process you can use one of our foam finishes to upgrade the leather and increase its value. Highly damaged leather can be finished with foamed systems to cover the defects.
  • Split leather upgrading
    Split leather can be used to produce items with a distinctive look and feel. To increase the strength and durability of split leather, we have developed specific solutions to upgrade this type of leather. 

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