In industries like apparel, accessories and home interior only perfectly smooth leather is good enough. So, as a tanner or a manufacturer you want to offer your clients just that - perfectly smooth, high-quality leather. However premium leather is increasingly sought after and high-quality raw materials have become increasingly difficult to source. For this reason Stahl offers a diverse portfolio with premium Upgrading Solutions for leather. The portfolio takes in three easy-to-use ranges, all in in their own right perfectly suited for apparel, accessories and home interior. Aquabase is tailor made for high upgrading, Melio® Ground for medium upgrading, and Mirage® for fine upgrading. All of these solutions mask grain defects, while resulting in smooth, fashionable leather with a natural feel and long-lasting elegance.

Key benefits of our Upgrading Solutions:

  • Improved leather quality with distinctive look and feel
  • High consumer satisfaction
  • Most efficient use of raw hides with higher cutting yield

High Upgrading: Aquabase

For high upgrading Aquabase is in order; this is perfect to produce leather used in home interiors, shoes and other leather goods. Key characteristics:
  • Application: hand stucco using a spatula, another possibility is using a reverse roller coater
  • Results in: smooth, elegant and durable leather

Medium Upgrading: Melio® Ground
Stahl’s Melio® Ground Upgrading range is a perfect solution for medium upgrading; this solution is ideal for manufacturing classic leather shoes and other leather goods. Key characteristics:
  • Application: roller coat, spray or padding (which ensures film formation while sealing the grain)
  • Results in: smooth leather with a natural feel and long-lasting elegance

Fine Upgrading: Mirage®

Fine upgrading is achieved with Mirage®; this range for subtle upgrading is in high demand for producing premium garments, soft shoes and a host of leather other apparel and accessories. Key characteristics:
  • Fine upgrading
  • Application: spraying or padding
  • Results in: first-class, smooth leather that ensures high consumer satisfaction (reduced film formation while containing less resin and more wax and oils)

2020 ZDHC MRSL goals
Aquabase, Melio® Ground and Mirage® solutions are part of the Stahl Neo leather finish portfolio, while meeting the 2020 ZDHC MRSL goals. The majority of products even go beyond these guidelines.
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