Stahl Upgrading Solutions

With only perfectly smooth leather being good enough in apparel, accessories and home interior industries, tanners and manufacturers face increased demand for high-end, premium leather. But there’s a limit to the available raw material. The good news is that Stahl’s portfolio of leather upgrading solutions can help turn average leather into excellent leather.

Upgrading leather quality
Applying our easy-to-use techniques to the leather substrate can mask almost any type of grain defect. This increases the quality of the leather and the usable surface area. The result is a higher yield of smooth, fashionable leather with a natural feel and classic elegance. That means it doesn’t just improve the product, but also the amount of material.

This upgrading can be done at several phases in the production process, depending on the solution you choose. You can also choose the quality gradation you want, to achieve the precise desired effect you are seeking. In line with your production methods, scale and particular product needs, we can advise you on the most fitting solution from our four ranges: Aquabase, Lepton® Enhancer, Melio® Ground and Mirage®.

Key benefits of Stahl Upgrading Solutions:
  • Improved quality leather with a distinctive look and feel
  • High consumer satisfaction
  • Most efficient use of raw hides with a higher cutting yield
  • Our Aquabase, Melio® Ground, Lepton® Enahncer and Mirage® are part of our ZDHC MRSL compliant Stahl Neo leather finish portfolio, meeting the most stringent environmental and health requirements.

Aquabase: high to medium upgrading
The Aquabase portfolio is suitable for leather used in home interiors, for shoes and other leather goods. Aquabase creates high-performance, durable leather with a smooth and elegant surface.
Application methods:
  • hand application ‘stucco’ (spatula)
  • roller application ‘stucco’ (reverse roller coater)  

Lepton® Enhancer: high to medium upgrading
Stahl’s Lepton® Enhancer solutions are the right choice for the medium to high upgrading of leather used in for home interiors, shoes and other leather goods. The products can be applied to the surface or used as additives in base coat application. The heat expansion ability will increase the upgrading level.
Application methods:
  • additive in base coat
  • roller coating application ‘stucco’ (reverse roller coater)

Melio® Ground: medium leather upgrading
Stahl’s Melio® Ground upgrading solutions are perfect for medium upgrading. Melio® Ground creates smooth leather with a natural feel and long-lasting elegance that is ideal for robust upholstery, classic leather shoes and other leather goods it. Melio® Ground ensures film formation while sealing the grain of the leather.
Application methods:
  • roller coating application (reverse roller coater)
  • spraying
  • padding  

Mirage®: fine to medium upgrading
If you’re looking for subtle upgrading in premium garments, soft shoes and leather goods, our Mirage® range is just what you need. Stahl Mirage® comprises pre-base systems and various additives to enhance leather characteristics and increase the material value. The result is film-formation with less resin and more wax and oils for a first-class, smooth leather.
Application methods:
  • hand application ‘stucco’ (spatula)
  • spraying
  • padding  

Upgrading levels overview
We offer a variety of upgrading levels with a number of application techniques.

Experts in high-quality leather
As experts in leather tanning solutions, we can help you meet your product needs. Are you looking for high-end leather upgrading solutions and further product advice? We are at your service. Contact Remy Vial, Global Technical Service Manager for your questions or more information.
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