Vision & Strategy

We know sustainability is a major challenge in our industry. Therefore, we are fully committed to the environmental and social responsibilities that come with our leadership position. How? Our primary goal is to achieve a more transparent supply chain by stimulating cooperation with our partners. Why? Because we believe that sustainability evolves as a result of this transparency and our strategy is built around this belief. We also see sustainability as a great opportunity for Stahl, to gain a competitive edge and to drive operational excellence.

We are constantly working on ways to improve the environmental footprint linked to our activities. Aside from our innovative sustainable solutions, we have published environmental indicators for our own activities around the world. We also recently update our Code of Conduct policy to underline our ethical commitment to business practices and we rolled out an ambitious global Safety Awareness Campaign. In addition, we completed some exciting technology acquisitions and partnerships in the last few years that are directly linked to our sustainability goals.

The Stahl Sustainability Standard
To achieve our sustainability goals, we have identified 5 focus areas:

Raw Materials - suppliers and the products and services that they provide
Responsible Operations - all the activities associated with doing business in Stahl
Trusted Partnershipscooperation with third parties throughout the supply chain
Innovative Solutions - the products and services that we offer our customers
People & Society - employees and the communities around us

Sustainability is in our DNA
It is fair to say sustainable product innovation lies at the core of our activities. Not only is it a main driver for our sales growth, the innovations really do make a difference. Fine examples are Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™, our wet white tanning system Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, Stahl NeoBio-based PolyMatte®, Stahlite®, Stahl EVO® and a number of Bio-based Polyurethanes. 

Inspiring others
Sustainability is part and parcel of our daily operations and we try to inspire other companies in the industry to act in the same responsible way as we do. By stimulating cooperation in the supply chain, via intense partnership with our partners, we believe that sustainability evolves as a positive consequence. To achieve our goals, we work with numerous NGOs, universities and industry associations such as the UN Global Compact, the ZDHC Foundation, CSR Netherlands, The Leather Working Group, Spin 360 Life Cycle Assessment and The Footwearists (formerly known as SLEM).

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