Vivid and lasting colors

Our expertise in performance coatings enables us to meet the most stringent requirements of the printing industry. We develop custom-made solutions for virtually any substrate, including billboards, banners and displays. We upgrade and finish the surface by making the fabrics durable, water-resistant and printable. Thanks to good ink adhesion, the colors remain vivid.

Primers and top coats
We offer primers and top coats for front-lit and back-lit signs, as well as advertising media for use indoors and outdoors.

Our transparent primers provide excellent adhesion to the PP front-lit media. For back-lit solutions, we offer white opaque primers that reduce the translucency of the transparent PET film by 30% and provide the correct, backlit illumination. Additionally, these primers increase the adhesion to the PET film and therefore the durability of the media.

Our portfolio of printable top coats are suitable for solvent, mid-solvent, eco-solvent, latex- and UV-inks. They feature high resistance to weather and scratches, good print retention, and strong ink absorption. The coatings and ink dry quickly, which helps to speed up the printing speed.

  • Water, UV and scratch resistant
  • No whitening
  • Vivid colors and print sharpness
  • Good print retention
  • Balanced dot spread
  • High ink absorption
  • Strong adhesion to foil or primer
  • Coating and ink dry quickly
  • Low VOC
  • Block free
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