Water Repellents

Water Repellents
Stahl offers the extensive Stahl Neo portfolio consisting of leather finish solutions that comply with the 2020 Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL)goals and even exceed this standard. Prominent are the range of water-repellent solutions that are both PFC-free and BTX-free, enabling brands to waterproof their leather items like footwear, hiking gear and gloves with premium quality water-repellent solutions that don’t harm the environment.

The key characteristics of our water repellents are:
  • To be used in pre-coats and top coats
  • Suitable for nappalan finishes, suede, nubuck and full grain leather
  • Excellent resistance to water spotting
  • Easy application
  • PFC-free and BTX-free

The sustainable silicon solutions ensure that leather footwear – but also other leather items, including hiking gear - withstands rain, water, snow, and other demanding outdoor conditions. Great durability and Stahl Neo certificated.

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