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For the fashion and interior choices of tomorrow, designers and manufacturers look for distinctive looks and a perfect touch. This is what makes the difference between mediocrity and luxurious, high-end products for consumers. Choosing the right mix of materials and colors is ever more vital. As global market leader in surface treatment and coating solutions for flexible materials, Stahl has the expertise to help you in finding the right pick. 

Maximum effect with mixed materials
Each material has particular qualities and charms. For example, leather has remarkable durability and that beautiful natural look and feel, while synthetics offer otherworldly effects and textures for products. The combination of materials can lead to surprising results and add a dimension to our home or car interiors, fashion and accessories. Yet, combining apparently opposite materials does pose challenges and that is where we can help you. 

Color matching and golden hands
Stahl offers various professional services for both material and color choices. Are you looking to match colors for a particular design? Let us tell you about our fast and effective color matching service: 

Picking the right materials for your product? Meet our Golden Hands. Experts on leather, processes and getting the right match for your design:

Custom solutions
At our Centers of Excellence, we work side-by-side with our partners to create custom and tailor-made solutions that precisely meet the desired product needs. These centers are located around the globe, so there’s always a Stahl office nearby. With extensive testing facilities for various materials, we ensure to deliver spot-on, high-performance solutions for leather, synthetics, alternative materials or coated fabrics. 

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