Upgrade leather quality with Stahl leather improvement solutions

Upgrade leather quality with Stahl leather improvement solutions

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Improve your leathers with Stahl solutions. Whether to mask defects in the leather, such as tears caused by barbed wire, or to make them resistant to stains or water, our leather improvement solutions help tanners meet the demands you face when creating top-quality leather for high-end markets like apparel, footwear and interior design.

Mask defects and improve leather with Stahl Upgrading Solutions

Stahl upgrading solutions can mask almost any type of grain defect. The result is a higher yield of smooth, fashionable leather with a natural feel and classic elegance. Stahl Upgrading Solutions don’t just improve the product, they increase the amount of usable high-quality material as well. In line with your production methods, scale and product needs, we can the best solution from our four ranges: Aquabase, Lepton® Enhancer, Melio® Ground and Mirage®.

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Enhance leather water resistance with Stahl Water Repellents

Stahl Water Repellent products enhance the water resistance of leather footwear, garments, gear and more. They are ideal for pre-coats and top coats, and for all kinds of finishes: nappalan, suede, nubuck and full grain leather. The sustainable silicon solutions ensure that any leather intended for outdoor use will withstand rain, water, snow, and other demanding conditions for longer.

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Prevent staining with Stahl Stay Clean®

Stahl Stay Clean® is a dirt-repelling, anti-soiling, anti-stain and anti-scratch coating technology that adds a robust protective layer to leather and synthetics. This prevents the migration of stains and dyes into the material’s substrate. It also makes cleaning easy and prevents the everyday knocks and scuffs that regular use inflicts on seats, sofas, tables, interior surfaces and other interior products.

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Upgrade leather quality with Stahl leather improvement solutions
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