Water-repellent leather finishes that you can count on in all conditions

Water-repellent leather finishes that you can count on in all conditions

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From the high street to the high fell, outdoor brands and consumers want their leather footwear, garments and apparel to keep out light rain and snow without this ability impacting their comfort, appearance or utility. Stahl Water Repellent leather finishes deliver on all fronts. They enhance the water resistance of leather shoes, boots, sneakers, bags, gloves, jackets, hats, hiking gear and more without forcing compromises in appearance or daily usability.

High performance water-resistance with ZDHC compliance

Stahl Water Repellents form part of our portfolio of Stahl Neo® leather solutions. These comply with and even exceed the standard set in the 2020 Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL). Being free of both PFCs and BTX, brands can enhance the water repellence of their leather footwear, hiking gear and gloves with effective solutions that offer a better environmental footprint than alternatives.

Key characteristics of Stahl Water Repellents

Stahl Water Repellents are ideal for pre-coats and top coats, and for all kinds of finishes: nappalan, suede, nubuck and full grain leather. Our solutions who excellent resistance to water spotting, they are easy to apply, and they are PFC-free and BTX-free. The sustainable silicon solutions ensure that any leather intended for outdoor use will withstand rain, water, snow, and other demanding conditions for longer.

Waterproof leather vs. water-resistant leather finishes

There’s a tendency to use waterproof leather and water-resistant leather as if they mean the same, but they don’t. Water-resistant boots or shoes are very different from waterproof ones and knowing when to use what can make a big difference to your comfort and wellbeing.

Long story short, water-resistant leather is what most of us wear when it’s raining or snowing a bit. The leather is treated with a top coat, a leather finish on the surface, that reinforces the leather’s natural tendency to repel water. But it only works for a while, and not in heavy rain or snow. Waterproofing involves going deeper to fill the raw hide with a waterproofing agent. This prevents the leather fibers from absorbing and transporting water, causing it to bead rather than spread. Waterproof leather keeps you drier for longer.

Stahl solutions for leather waterproofing

In addition to our water-repellent solutions, we offer both conventional and polymeric waterproofing solutions. Our waterproofing solutions deliver the highest level of waterproofing performance, while improving the environmental footprint.

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Water-repellent leather finishes that you can count on in all conditions
Joachim Henkmann
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