More-sustainable re-tanning and fat-liquoring solutions

More-sustainable re-tanning and fat-liquoring solutions

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Stahl offers a wide range of re-tanning and fatliquoring products, from traditional to next-generation solutions that use more sustainable and renewable raw materials. These help tanners improve the environmental footprint of their production process while delivering high-quality leathers that meet the most demanding requirements.

Diverse re-tanning portfolio

Re-tanning hides to change the look, feel, fullness, weight and color of the leather is the key to adding the desirable characteristics that differentiate a bag, jacket, car seat or other end product in the marketplace.  Stahl’s diverse re-tanning portfolio lets you create leather that checks all the right boxes: style, performance and sustainability.  

Lightweight leather with Stahlite®

Want to reduce the weight of a piece of leather while maintaining its thickness? Stahlite® reduces the weight of high-quality upholstery leather by up to 30%. Stahlite® is especially interesting for automotive, aviation and marine leather applications, where every gram saved boosts performance and benefits the environment. 

Improve softness and performance with Stahl fat-liquoring solutions

Our fat-liquoring products keep the leather fibers hydrated and lubricated for longer, so improving the softness and flexibility of the leather after tanning. Our range comprises polymer, natural and synthetic fatliquors that can also be combined depending on the desired end result. 

Stahl Catalix® cationic polymeric fat liquor

Stahl Catalix® is a unique cationic polymer technology. It improves on conventional cationic fat liquor to deliver high quality leathers with an improved environmental impact. The Catalix® portfolio shows excellent substrate uptake, resulting in lower Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).

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More-sustainable re-tanning and fat-liquoring solutions
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