Metal-free dyestuffs for carefree colored leathers with Coriacide<sup>®</sup>

Metal-free dyestuffs for carefree colored leathers with Coriacide®

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Stahl shares your passion for perfect leather dyeing. Our Coriacide® metal-free leather dyes have been carefully selected to provide outstanding levelness and good fastness properties for all kinds of leather. Whether for shoes, garment, furniture, fashion or automotive, aviation or marine, Coriacide® wet-end dyes cover all your dyestuff needs.

Full range of bright shades with outstanding consistency

Our Coriacide® Dyestuffs offer a full range of bright shades to give leathers the appearance you want, from fashion colors to deep dark shades. The dyes have an outstanding shade consistency, making sure the leather has a uniform color and keeps the natural look of the leather. Benefits of Coriacide® metal-free dyes include:

We support you to meet your specific dyeing requirements

Meeting the application requirements to achieve the best results for your leather articles is what our experts are trained to do. From matching the perfect color to optimizing the various fastness and levelness properties. The shade card below shows which shades are available in the Coriacide® range.Coriacide dyestuffs chart

Stahl’s wet-end leather dyes ranges

Next to our Coriacide® dyestuff range, we have a complete portfolio of high-quality wet-end dyes to meet the dyeing needs of the leather industry perfectly. We can provide you with the best dyeing solution for a particular shade and the specific property your article requires. Our leather dyestuff portfolio:

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Metal-free dyestuffs for carefree colored leathers with Coriacide<sup>®</sup>
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