Pastel shade leather Derma<sup>®</sup> Soft Dyes with high fastness at its best

Pastel shade leather Derma® Soft Dyes with high fastness at its best

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Looking for a way to create top-quality pastel-shade leather with high fastness properties as well? Stahl Derma® Soft Dyes offer exactly that. Our color components show the best fastness properties and compatibility, while also being flexible so tanners can produce the fullest choice of pastel shades with the fewest number of components.

When paler shades are needed

The excellent combinability of Derma® Soft Dyes plus the careful selection of active substances ensures  great leveling power, very good fastness and outstanding flexibility. These dyes are the solution for levelness – one of the biggest challenges for tanners when paler shades are needed. The key benefits:

Derma® Soft Dyes shade card 

Need some paler shades? Highly compatible Derma® Soft Dyes give tanners flexibility to produce a full range of pastel shades. Stahl offers full technical service back-up, supporting our customer in every region for color matching, optimizing levelness and fastness properties to ensure the best application performance on leather.

Download our Derma® Soft Dyes shade card below to see which shade fits your leather requirements.
Derma soft color scheme
Wet-end leather dyes ranges to fit your demands

We offer a complete portfolio of high-quality leather dyestuffs to meet the needs of the leather industry perfectly. Demands such as shades, levelness, fastness and flexibility. In addition to our Derma® Soft Dyes range, we offer:

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Pastel shade leather Derma<sup>®</sup> Soft Dyes with high fastness at its best
Joachim Henkmann
Global Marketing - Business Unit Leather Chemicals