10 reasons why Stahl is embracing digital transformation

10 reasons why Stahl is embracing digital transformation

August 31, 2021

10 reasons why Stahl is embracing digital transformation

The digital transformation of our world is showing no signs of slowing down. From robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to the Internet of Things and beyond, innovative technologies are opening up new opportunities for companies in countless markets and industries. Stahl has long been exploring these exciting developments and applying them to our work: we believe digital transformation is an essential stepping-stone for delivering necessary chemistry to all our stakeholders.

But why exactly is it so important to embrace what these new technologies have to offer? We have identified several key reasons – 10, to be precise.

Let the countdown begin!

10. Creating a culture of change

We are fostering a company culture that actively looks for change. As part of this, our entire organization has embarked on a 10-year Digital Transformation journey. We want to challenge current systems, create a more flexible mentality, and deliver more value for stakeholders and society.

9. Adapting to a post-COVID-19 world

With remote and hybrid working on the rise, we need to reimagine how and where our work will be carried out. Thanks to our Unified Communications Platform, we can create more intimate collaboration – both internally and externally. This means we can optimize productivity among a remote workforce, adapt our ways of working, and grow our connections and empathy.

8. Lead generation and transition to CRM

Digital transformation allows us to reach new audiences and build long-lasting relationships. We can turn leads from social media into commercial opportunities using Customer Relationship Management tools. Our omnichannel marketing approach delivers a consistent brand experience and helps us gain access to new market segments.

7. Employee engagement

Through digital transformation, we aim to enable every Stahl employee to add their unique contribution. Our Digital Workplace combines inclusive employee communications with a mobile-first platform. Interactive communication streams allow employees to make their voices heard, so we can access talent and increase employee retention.

6. Accessing co-creation potential

New technologies mean new opportunities for creative thinkers to work with Stahl more easily – and to achieve shared goals. We collaborate with partners via our customized Open Innovation Portal, which opens up new ways of thinking and helps teams find new markets or applications for their technologies.

5. Seamless stakeholder collaboration

It is important for us not only to anticipate market needs but also to create a customized user experience. Powered by Blockchain technologies, Product Information Management does both – while also allowing stakeholders to participate in supply chain transparency. Users can establish a product’s provenance and chain of custody and enjoy access to enriched product information.

4. Corporate governance

Digital solutions enable effective management that delivers long-term success for our company. By optimizing our Office 365 governance, our cybersecurity, and the creation of ‘corporate memory’, we can maintain our culture and trust while driving our digital maturity forward.

3. Improving operational environment

Safety and efficiency are top priorities. Our investments in AI will empower our people, improve our process efficiencies, and optimize our products’ reliability. We are also digitalizing our supply chain and logistics operations, breaking down data siloes in our factories, and connecting ‘smart’ objects to save time and reduce waste.

2. More efficient product development

Applying digital tools like AI can help us gain a better understanding of product formulation processes and enhance our forecasting capabilities. In turn, this will minimize our environmental impact, guarantee rigorous product stewardship, and lower our paper consumption.

1. Climate change

Our number-one reason for embracing the digital transformation is simple: we believe it will help reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources and deliver necessary solutions that enable sustainable living. To achieve this, we collaborate with intergovernmental panels to minimize the risks and impacts of climate change. We are committed to using new technologies to reduce our collective reliance on fossil-based chemistry, replace petrochemicals with renewable carbon, and ensure transparency and accountability.

We look forward to working with you on new, digital solutions for necessary chemistry – don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Find out more information about our Digital Transformation strategy here.


10 reasons why Stahl is embracing digital transformation
Emilie Musso
Project Manager Digitalization

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