A day at Stahl with Émilie Musso

A day at Stahl with Émilie Musso

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September 21, 2018

Stahl is a global family that works together on creating innovative and reliable products and future-forward solutions. Our people are key to our success. Day in, day out they are work passionately on exciting new ideas. So, what does a day at Stahl look like? Émilie Musso from our Stahl Design Studio tells you about her day in Castelfranco, Italy.

My Stahl

“I am a French girl and I joined Stahl almost 7 years ago in Parets del Vallès. Only 3 years ago, I moved to Toscana, where Stahl opened the Center of Excellence for Shoes & Leather Goods. I am in charge of the Stahl Design Studio, which is involved with all the fashion material Stahl produces. We cover a variety of fashion as well as technological collections every year. What drives me is to create the right product for our customers.”

My day at Castelfranco

“My morning looks like the average morning I guess. I wake up and drink a coffee, while I enjoy a nice breakfast. My cat usually joins me for breakfast; she is really curious what I’m having. After that, it’s off to work.”

“At around 8.30 AM, I arrive at our Center of Excellence. It’s a creative and dynamic place and almost every week we welcome customers to our facilities for trials or new developments with our team. It is really interesting to see new people so often because this way I come in contact with new trends our customers are developing.

The first thing I do is check my emails and plan my day. My office is shared with Caterina. She helps me take care of the collections since she joined a few months ago and assists me in different projects.”

“At lunch, I like to recharge and go to the gym or boxing when I am in Italy. It’s a good way for me to relax and clear my thoughts before the afternoon starts. Also, the Italian food is so good that I need to exercise as much as possible to stay in shape!”

Creating the Global Shoes & Leather Goods collection

“This week we are organizing the Global Shoes & Leather Goods collection. Technicians from different countries come to develop new items to include in the new footwear 2019-20 collection. This means that I spend most of my time in the laboratory with the technicians to try new things. I really enjoy this time. The fact they come from different countries is really important for me because they face different market realities and bring their customer experience with them.”

“My day is finished around 18:00. Even with a creative job, it’s difficult to really stop. I go home and enjoy the last hours of sun at home. Toscana has some amazing sunsets!”

Multiple times a year, our Stahl Design Team creates inspiring collections for the industries we serve with surprising materials and new possibilities. Find out more about their work here. Looking to join our team? Have a look at our open positions here.