Cabin innovation for shared mobility

Cabin innovation for shared mobility

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February 21, 2019

At this year's Cabin Innovation for Automated Vehicles conference, the topic of 'shared mobility' was the main focus point. As an expert in automotive interiors, Stahl was invited to speak about the importance of interior surfaces in the transformed mode of transportation with connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles.

During the conference, Stahl's Stefan Buri spoke about challenges and emerging opportunities for the interior trim market: “While the majority of consumers today “buy” their own cars, in the near future, urban citizens will increasingly ‘consume’ mobility as a service. This will come with a change in the usage of cars, with synergistic potential for other mobility modes, such as commercial aviation and public transport. This shift will bring with it numerous new demands on interior trims and surfaces; and Stahl is offering purpose-built technologies for “shared mobility” already today”, Buri concluded.

Public and shared transport will share a common need for consistent high-performance in durability, maintainability and personal hygiene aspects. The future passengers in autonomous and shared vehicles will expect the same pleasant experience, which requires surfaces to stay clean and protected. As in the future private and public mobility services providers will be on call 24/7, particularly in busy urban areas, the interior needs to withstand constant use and as time is money, interior maintenance needs to be quick and easy.

At Stahl, we anticipate the need for technical surface solutions that meet these demands. Protective properties and easy maintenance can be enhanced by the use of Stahl Stay Clean® technology. With our novel offering Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+ technology, we imagine design freedom, enhanced maintainability and lifetime for car interiors that face demanding conditions.

As we are constantly looking for new opportunities in innovation for cabin interiors, we understand the importance to define Mobility as a holistic approach and work hand-in-hand with industry professionals and partners from different mobility segments to explore new possibilities.