Digital innovation - the journey begins

Digital innovation - the journey begins

June 29, 2021

As a digital project manager, I have a front-row seat at one of the most exciting events taking place here at Stahl: our digital transformation program. Since joining the Digital Transformation team just under a year ago, I’ve seen us take giant leaps forward with several innovative projects. New digital tools and solutions are helping us become more agile and efficient in terms of how we work together – but also more human.

Defining digital transformation 
Digital transformation can mean anything and everything. At Stahl, it’s about using new technologies to experiment, rethink old operating models, and respond with greater agility to the needs of our customers and markets.

Nowadays, most organizations are involved in a digital transformation in some way. COVID-19 has been a game-changer: many of the old ways of working were often unproductive and possibly unsustainable, and the pandemic has disrupted that system.

We’ve seen new “sharing” tools enhance our lives: MS Teams, SharePoint, geolocation, and social networks, to name but a few. Because information can be accessed anytime and anywhere, collaboration has suddenly become a whole lot easier. A meeting can be organized in three short clicks; no need to take a plane or car.

A new way of working 
By adding these new ways of working to an already strong business model, we can capture emerging opportunities in our markets and deliver more value to our customers. But digital transformation is not only about technology; it’s also about people. At Stahl, we have different teams working behind the scenes to give employees access to the right tools and create the best possible conditions for them to do their job.

As part of the Digital Transformation team, I’m helping to introduce tools that will allow us to create, produce, and work together more efficiently. We’re currently working on four big projects (with dozens more in the pipeline once these are implemented!):

Building a digital workplace 
Stahl employs nearly 2,000 people across 11 manufacturing sites and 37 application laboratories in 24 countries. Together, we represent 59 nationalities. This diversity is a key factor in our success, but it can also make it difficult to communicate with everyone in a language we all understand.

Technology offers a solution: a digital workplace is a centralized digital platform where different teams can come together, collaborate, and access the tools they need. Building a digital workplace at Stahl will allow us to access all company information from any device, automatically translated into our mother tongue.

What’s more, we’ll be able to know who to contact simply by typing specific tags: for example, "Spain" - "IT" or "R&D" - "Singapore". This will provide a single point of access to the content and data used by third-party applications – such as HR SharePoint, Stahl EEP platform, our corporate social networks, our in-house online store, and communication platforms such as MS Teams.

Same, but smarter
As you can see, digital innovation is not about disrupting the office environment or saying goodbye to our traditional ways of working. Nor is it about replacing people with machines or reducing human-to-human contact. It’s about using technology in a smart way to improve knowledge sharing and build healthy relationships with coworkers and external partners.

While many of our digital innovation projects are in their infancy, I’m looking forward to seeing how digital transformation and cross-sector collaboration will bring positive change and improve lives in the years to come.

Stay tuned to our digitalization blog series to hear more about the digital transformation projects we’re working on at Stahl. In our next installment, I’ll be discussing blockchain and what this exciting digital innovation can bring to Stahl. 

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Digital innovation - the journey begins
Emilie Musso
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