Diversity benefits innovation in China

Diversity benefits innovation in China

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February 7, 2019

Note: Did you know that we also have a Chinese website? www.stahl.cn

Stahl has firmly established itself in China as an expert partner in surface technology for leather and other substrates. Recently we have extended our services in China to performance coatings with the opening of our latest Center of Excellence in Suzhou, where we can work side-by-side with the industry. This only further cements our foothold in China, where we, as market leader in chemical solutions for leather production and finishing, have been working hard to promote a better industry through our Stahl Campus®program.

The success of Stahl Campus® China

With Stahl Campus® China, we provide training for our partners, technicians, tanners, brands and students at our facilities in Guangzhou. This program has, since its establishment in 2016, been widely successful. From its original focus on university students, the target group has been expanded over the last two years, with customized trainings and updated content. Karin Lee, manager of Stahl Campus® China and coordinator of all related activities, believes the diversity of the Stahl team has been key to the success of the program and its rapid expansion. She shares her experiences and vision on how diversity benefits Stahl’s success in China:

Expanding horizons in China for Stahl Campus®

“Stahl opened Asia’s first Stahl Campus® in Guangzhou on the 25th of August 2016, following the successes of the program in the Netherlands and Mexico. This makes it the third global Stahl Campus®and enables Stahl to enhance its leading position and strengthen the knowledge and expertise in the world’s largest leather-producing country.”

“Since the establishment of Stahl Campus® China, we continue to improve and fine-tune the program. In 2017, the training target of Stahl Campus® China has expanded from university students to the whole leather supply chain with upgraded and customized training content. Nowadays, the participants come from a wide variety of companies throughout China. Trainees have different backgrounds and represent various market segments. The diversity of participants truly presents us with new market challenges and new opportunities to learn. In 2017 alone, we welcomed over 800 participants for training, tailored to their background and experience levels.”

Diversity that sparks innovation

“China is a big country. The distance from its northern tip all the way to the southern bottom measures about 5,500 kilometers. A country of such scale embodies a multitude of habits and cultural manifestations, which is reflected in our team. The technical team in China has given me great support and sent the best technicians from different teams to strengthen the program. With people from all over China with a variety of talents, diversity is one of the many strengths of our knowledge center.”

This diversity creates a culture of learning and exchange, which makes us stronger as a team, and eager to find more of it in our daily work as it inspires our creativity. In essence, the diversity allows us to work in an open area full of new horizons with endless possibilities. Diversity sparks the curiosity that drives innovation in our team and our Stahl Campus® participants from all over China.”

Expanded activities to promote a better leather industry

“As a member of Stahl, I am deeply honored to have witnessed the rapid growth of the company in the past few years. Furthermore, it has been a great opportunity for me to work with colleagues from other regions. In 2019, Stahl Campus® China will deliver even more training courses in order to inform people about the values we at Stahl consider to be very important. We want to let people know how Stahl's responsible chemistry can improve the traditional leather production process and provide better quality with a lower environmental impact.”

Are you interested in the programs offered by Stahl Campus® China? Don’t hesitate to contact Karin Lee, Manager of Stahl Campus® China, for the possibilities or customized training requests.