DNA of tomorrow: where technology merges with nature

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January 28th, 2020

Stahl Design Studio® has a finger on the pulse of globally emerging trends that have the power to transform the industries we as Stahl are active in. As supply chain partner, we believe responsible chemistry plays a major part in our changing world, and this is why our team creates inspirational trend collections to serve the industry and share our knowledge about new possibilities for what is happening next. One of the notable trends, captured in our Automotive Design Inspiration 2020 collection, involves the marriage between technology and nature – a trend we call the DNA of Tomorrow.

Reinventing our resourcing with biotechnology

As we rapidly approach the limits of Industrial Age systems, major upheaval is taking place in the world of technology. As depletion becomes a serious risk and scarcity prompts new development, we reinvent the way we resource the materials we need. Caroline Hartmann, Design Manager Mobility of Stahl Design Studio®, believes using natural, renewable resources unlocks new potential: “Nature and technology will be mixed and mashed up to create new systems, materials, and products that merge the physical and digital world. As we leave the Industrial Age, we will use DNA and micro-organisms to solve the macro problems of tomorrow.”

The DNA of tomorrow is emerging today

Various forms of technical innovations are already under way through DNA decoding. One example is new materials created from organisms such as algae, moss, and fungi, already used in real-life applications. Bioplastics are also on the rise, created from by-products and waste, such as cornstarch, sugar, cooking oil, and even avocado stones. Caroline Hartmann: “This ties into the megatrend of reengineering nature. Cutting-edge bio-engineering projects are being implemented worldwide, realizing a new standard in sustainability, with smart and futuristic-looking surfaces.”

Capturing the DNA of tomorrow as a design trend

The trend collection Automotive Design Inspiration 2020 captures the ‘DNA of tomorrow’ trend with colors inspired by advances in science and technology. Caroline Hartmann: “Here we need to be open-minded and imagine what this can mean for future finishing systems. We need to be inventive and try to work with new and maybe even living components. We propose new color shades, textures and surface effects that support a futuristic appearance. We use anti-soiling protective coatings for lighter color shades. The colors in the collection range from clinical and digitally artificial to natural.”

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DNA of tomorrow: where technology merges with nature
Alexander Schieke
Global Market Manager - Mobility