Fashion that combines style, performance & sustainability

Fashion that combines style, performance & sustainability

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August 28th, 2019

Fashion brands with a name in quality and environmental responsibility are facing the challenge of creating items in line with the latest trends in the most popular and fashionable style. At the same time, products need to have performance qualities that make sure garments, shoes and accessories last through frequent use. For manufacturers and designers, Stahl is the go-to in creating fashion that combines style, performance and sustainability

Fast fashion

We can hardly beat around the bush about it these days; the fashion industry is often seen as a major polluter. Keeping costs low and products up-to-date with the latest trends has created what is now known as fast fashion, producing garments that are bought, worn and discarded in a matter of weeks. As manufacturer or designer, your challenge is to provide an alternative that merits its higher cost with a longer lifespan and retention of its aesthetic properties. Responsible fashion, yet always in style.

Creating stylish fashion that lasts

An increasing number of brands rejects the idea of fast fashion and opts for what is often called slow fashion. Good quality, a clean environment and no undercuts that hurt consumers or producers. Stahl’s Stahl NEO™ portfolio for leather and solutions for synthetic materials and fabrics contribute to that effort. These portfolios are free of hazardous substances and compliant with the strict ZDHC MRSL guidelines and more high industry standards.

Not only do they offer any style, color and effect possible, these technologies also offer various performance properties that help your product last longer thanks to their various resistance qualities, that withstand staining, tearing, scuffing and other forms of degrading damage, ensuring an extended product life. Explore the possibilities of our product portfolios and new possibilities, like digital printing or coatings of new materials.

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Fashion that combines style, performance & sustainability
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