Feel Real: transparency, traceability, and sustainability

Feel Real: transparency, traceability, and sustainability

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February 4th, 2020

We live in a world that is more aware not only of its impact on the environment, but also of imperfections and the genuine nature of things. Consumers look for a real experience, with products that enable them to express their personality or answer personal needs. This trend not only touches on products, but also affects the way business is done. The Stahl Design Studio® team captured this trend in the latest automotive collection. Let us look closer at what we call ‘Feel Real’.

A focus on people and personality

As perceptions shift, the way we organize the world around us changes too. Honest information and genuine products are expected from businesses. Core drivers are now transparency, traceability, and overall sustainability. “It’s the age of ‘New Authenticity’,” says Caroline Hartmann, Mobility Manager at Stahl Design Studio®. “Keeping it real, proving values, and building meaning in an age of hype is the challenge everyone faces. Focusing on people and personality will create new opportunities. In the future, we will rethink the place of people by employing a more flexible and open mind as well as radical imagination. We see a celebration of the imperfect and self-expression.”

Capturing the effect of ‘Feel Real’

In capturing this trend, the focus is on a natural look, vibrancy, and impact. This is captured in the collection, says Caroline Hartmann: “There is also an element of sport and expression in this trend group. Here we have a more youthful color palette, but more grown-up than in past seasons. It feeds into a sense of self-expression and hedonism, which you find in colors that are vibrant and clash, but at times offer nuance too. The emphasis shifts from protest to play and there is more honesty in the materials. For example, you could show leather in a more natural way, without fixing its imperfections.”

Stahl embraces sustainability

At Stahl, sustainability has been one of our core values for a long time. As we strive for a more circular economy, we notice a growing willingness from our partners to increase transparency, share knowledge and implement product traceability. By working together, for example on projects such as molecular tagging technologies, we can realize these ambitions. We support our partners and clients with solutions that offer sustainable alternatives, such as our wet-end portfolio or our bio-based PolyMatte® coating solution. One of our latest developments is high-wear surfaces, which ensure lasting, durable interiors. This is part of the latest trend collection.

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Feel Real: transparency, traceability, and sustainability
Alexander Schieke
Global Market Manager - Mobility