Focus is vital to reach your future goals

Focus is vital to reach your future goals

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December 19th, 2019

At Stahl, a broad perspective is appreciated as it opens us to all the opportunities ahead of us. It helps us understand the needs of our customers and the industries we serve and provide us with new ideas. Yet, to realize what we imagine, to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, focus is a key characteristic, believes Stahl Brasil local manager Fabiano André Trein. Focus on your processes, your solutions, and quality.

Driven by focus

As the manager of the Stahl manufacturing plant in Portão, Brazil, Fabiano deals with the concept of focus daily. He considers it the guiding principle for achieving one's goals: "Our mind, evolved from a reptilian state, needs to be oriented, driven. Focus fort hat is the basic premise we deal with every day. When we ask ourselves: What really matters? What is our goal? What is the urgency? – That's where we decide on our focus. With this clearly presented, our mind is oriented in basically 2 points: where we are and what our goal is. With the determined trajectory, it's time to "hands-on", get your hands dirty and start the walk, because nothing happens by chance.

Plan, Do, Check and Act

"Stahl has a simple and practical way of doing things in the field of focus. The 360º relation with the directors, managers, supervisors, and employees is taking place in an objective and clear way. The definition of the main focus guides the actions of the teams, which is the fundamental principle of the PDCA Cycle (Plan, Do, Check and Act) of J. M. Juran, father of World Quality."

"This is what we apply to our defined 5 focus areas and their related goals and objectives. Based on these focus areas, we plan the actions and monitor their evolution every week. This simple routine helps us to stay focused on what matters and make a difference. Once we reach the goal, we 'set the focus' for further improvement."

Changing goals means setting a new focus

Since Fabiano started working at Stahl, things have changed in the company and the goals he focuses on. Shifting the overall Stahl goal of reducing the ecological footprint and becoming more self-sufficient on the planet, made it necessary to set a new focus: "This has changed the way we work every day. Getting 50% energy of the plant through renewable sources like the sun really guided us to a lot of efforts on this front. Understanding the daily consumption of the plant, the characteristics of the facilities, understanding the mode of operation of the photovoltaic system, and the sun trajectory required great dedication and focus."

Focus on the future

"For the dream scenario for the future, I think we can apply the same rule: knowing where we are, what we do and how we do it, we can focus on new goals, new markets, new solutions. There are a lot of opportunities to grow. It just depends on focus. Focus moves us into action."

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