How do we design our coatings?

How do we design our coatings?

October 13th, 2020

It’s easy to be enthusiastic about making products that we use in everyday life. But what is behind the design of complex coatings formulations? In our series ‘Stahl Explains’, this week, our R&D Laboratory Manager Marcella Gagliardo explains our compounded coatings. 

At Stahl we are passionate about designing high performance coatings that are esthetically appealing and environmentally friendly. But functional performance can also mean complex formulations. Though we always try to simplify the design of our products, sometimes multi-component compounds are the only way to achieve the properties desired by our customers. In essence, our core skill is to provide custom-made compounded coatings which are stable, functional, sustainable and easy to use. We believe that a compounded product, with embedded components (e.g.: polymers, additives, colorants), provides a unique advantage for users, since they do not need to mix together individual chemicals and formulate them “in situ”. This is our compounded coatings value proposition. 

Sustainability has also become part of our DNA. The water-based coatings we are currently working on can be based on plant-derived materials or biomass residues. They can also be solvent-free, metal-free, high solids, low odor, low noise, stain resistant, flexible, water and solvent resistant. Above all, our compounded coatings are designed to be compliant with all the required legislations as well as the many brand-driven chemical compliance initiatives, like ZDHC. Stahl already has 1200 products certified to Level 3 conformance in ZDHC Gateway. This will rise to 1800 products in 2021.

Open innovation and partnerships with stakeholders in the supply chain are another critical element of Stahl’s success formula. We strive to create solid partnerships, up and downstream, with academic institutions and non-traditional partners when necessary. Whatever it takes to access new technological breakthroughs when they are still in their early stages of development. 

In the modern world of big data and predictive analysis, Stahl also makes use of sophisticated decision making tools, like Advanced Analytics, when designing our products. These tools help us identify patterns and optimize the outcome of experimental chemistry on new coatings, so that we can make better design decisions and introduce new products to the market faster. Simplicity. High performance. Sustainability. Open innovation. Digitalization. The future looks bright at Stahl!

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How do we design our coatings?
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