Inspiration and endless possibilities for fashion producers

Inspiration and endless possibilities for fashion producers

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July 24th, 2019

In a high-paced industry like fashion, brands benefit from finding the latest possibilities in style and performance that provides a competitive edge. Technicians, designers and trend watchers are always on the lookout for what is new and what can be done to improve their upcoming collection. That’s why we offer you knowledge and training sessions through Stahl Campus®, where we enable you to explore the latest material technologies. 

Knowledge, training and cooperation for fashion brands

When it comes to creating high-end fashion, Stahl goes beyond the regular role of a supplier. With Stahl Campus®, we provide courses or specific training for fashion professionals. This modular program focuses on a variety of materials and process steps in order to help you find out what other possibilities and innovative solutions could help bolster or boost your collection.

Exploring trends, creating possibilities

As chemistry supplier for various high-end fashion brands, we keep our finger on the pulse of the fashion world for the latest trends and possibilities. Guided by these, we develop new solutions that meet market needs and provide designers with new possibilities. Future trends are captured by the Stahl Design Studio® team, who combine their trend insights into inspiring collections for your merit.

Leather, synthetics and beyond

Stahl provides technologies for essentially every flexible surface. With a long heritage in leather and cutting-edge solutions for synthetic materials, fabrics and new materials, we have the expertise to realize your vision. For this purpose, we offer various services, but can also train your staff. From knowledge sessions on new material possibilities and material design to hands-on training sessions in color formulation, shoe finishes or leather embossing, Stahl Campus® provides it. So are you looking for the latest possibilities in performance streetwear, printable synthetics, or revolutionary leather patterns for footwear?

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Inspiration and endless possibilities for fashion producers
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