Launching Stahl BeTan®: leather solutions for responsible tanneries

Launching Stahl BeTan®: leather solutions for responsible tanneries

June 29th, 2020

The leather industry is changing. The focus on sustainability puts processes and the use of resources in tanneries at the forefront. With the release of the Stahl BeTan® portfolio for beamhouse and tanning, Stahl offers support to tanners who intend to meet these challenges and produce responsible, high-quality leathers. In this blog, I would like to tell you more about this new portfolio and what has prompted its development.

A transforming leather market

Stahl has an extensive heritage in the leather industry. Since our founding in 1930, we’ve seen major changes in the way leather is produced, used, and viewed. Rarely has the sector seen such transformative changes as today. A focus on environmental responsibility and sustained product quality is sweeping through society and product markets. Consumers expect higher standards from their products, from footwear to upholstery, in both quality and sustainability. For Stahl, staying ahead of the market and providing chemistry that enables the industry to meet the most stringent demands has always been our strength. Stahl BeTan® is our answer to current times, where a cleaner tanning process with a more positive footprint is necessary.

Establishing a leading portfolio of leather technologies

Stahl became an undisputed market leader in leather chemicals with the acquisition of BASF leather chemicals in 2017. An expansion of our portfolio followed, which demanded a vast restructuring and harmonization of our product portfolios. This coincided with Stahl’s launch of Responsible Chemistry, which is our statement of intent to create chemistry that positively affects the environmental footprint of products and processes. Stahl BeTan® is our portfolio of responsible tanning solutions, compliant with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL). It aligns or tanning portfolio with Responsible Chemistry, combining sustainable technologies for the wet-end process, from soaking and liming to tanning auxiliaries.

Stahl BeTan® offers a one-stop-shop for tanners, who wish to:

Solutions tailored to each tanner process

For tanners, who aim to reduce their environmental footprint, there are two main focus areas. One is machinery and equipment, where investments can help reduce energy use and maintenance costs. The second is in chemical-use, which is essential for turning hides into quality leather. This is a challenge, because every tannery functions differently and has specific requirements. Another issue is a new technology for one step might not be compatible with the rest of the process. Stahl BeTan® solves this concern with a diverse portfolio of compatible tanning solutions. For each process step, a variety of solutions is available. Our experienced technicians help tanners find the perfect fit, tailored to their process demands. We even offer extended services to provide tannery staff with the right knowledge and training to optimize the implementation and guarantee the best possible results.

Discover our full portfolio

I’m very proud of this latest beamhouse and tanning portfolio release, which offers tanners a complete solution for a full overhaul of their processes. Whether you as a leather manufacturer face the challenge of meeting compliance goals or simply desire to stay ahead of further developments, Stahl BeTan® provides the answer. We would encourage you to follow the link below to download our latest whitepaper, featuring our full portfolio and listing the various benefits. We are certain this new portfolio will help you achieve the best possible results in quality and sustainability.

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Launching Stahl BeTan®: leather solutions for responsible tanneries
David Sabaté
Beamhouse Global Technical Manager