Long life and pristine quality for wood surfaces

Long life and pristine quality for wood surfaces

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June 26th, 2018

Wood is a constant presence in our lives. Not just in our interiors, furniture and flooring, but also in the exterior of buildings and public spaces as wooden benches and structures. Our desire for perfection is constantly expanding, which means we expect more quality and natural, unblemished wood surfaces. That is why a look and feel that lasts for years is in high demand with manufacturers, architects and interior designers. It's a constant challenge for coating and paint formulators to find components that offer superb quality and versatility.

Enhancing Coating Qualities

Picassian® AC-192 improves coating qualities like hardness, gloss and scratch resistance for any wood surface. This water-based, self-crosslinking and hydroxyl-functional acrylic emulsion provides exceptional chemical resistance and is suitable for both 1K and 2K coating systems. Coatings will be able to withstand natural elements and frequent use, even in the most adverse conditions, and retain the robust, pristine look and wonderful characteristics of natural wood.

An easy choice for formulators

It’s not just Picassian® AC-192's enhancing features that set it apart. The versatility of this acrylic makes it suitable for almost any wood coating and the easy choice for formulators and coating or paint producers. Since it is suited for both 1K and 2K systems, the chemical resistance alone makes it stand out. Coatings and paints can even be further enhanced by crosslinking with isocyanates, allowing for a variety of qualities and options.

It doesn’t stop with the formulation, because coatings and paints with Picassian® AC-192 also improve productivity. Pot life is extended and processes can be sped up, thanks to fast drying and easy sanding features. Both are highly valued characteristics on production lines, where time can be a crucial factor and efficiency can help beat the competition.

Setting the standard for wood coatings

This APEO-free, low-VOC solution sets new standards in quality and product life for wood coatings. Picassian® AC-192 gives formulators a new standard in versatility and the freedom to create wood coatings to meet virtually every requirement, while simultaneously improving production processes, from formulation to end product. It’s versatility and easy formulation makes this the perfect solution for increased efficiency, both in coating and paint production and in the end product. Make your products stand out using of this self-crosslinking acrylic.