Mystic Nature: the new haptic and visual experience

Mystic Nature: the new haptic and visual experience

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February 11th, 2020

The products that surround us in our daily lives affect us in more than just functional ways. It’s why we have a preference for the aesthetically pleasing, a soft touch and smooth surfaces. Coating technologies do more than provide basic properties in performance and color – they also offer us haptic experiences and visual effects. In the latest Stahl Design Studio® trend collection, this is captured as ‘Mystic Nature’ – the search for more evocative and emotional experiences through what we do and use.

Spirituality and the senses

According to Caroline Hartmann, Manager Mobility at Stahl Design Studio®, this trend is deeply connected to a search for spirituality and reconnecting with nature: “In an era driven by data and rationality, we will see a growing interest in the mystical, the emotional, and the irrational. Innovations will draw on the wisdom of nature and the knowledge of ancient practices. We want to reconnect to nature. Examples of this practice are far-reaching. From modern witchcraft on social platforms to sound-bathing experiences, the mystical is very present. A particular example is bio-factoring, such as growing chairs – a process that takes up to six years.”

Rewiring production by connecting to nature

Research and development already look at nature for inspiration and new possibilities, with a focus on sustainability. Solutions and technologies that evoke emotions, feelings and a sense of wellbeing are in high demand. Caroline Hartmann: “Emotions and senses are very important. There is high demand for tactility and haptic sensations, and the look and feel of surfaces plays a very important role. Surprising effects such as glow-in-the-dark and natural or vintage looks, but also ideas such as bio-factoring – merging biological organisms with manufacturing – will continue to grow.”

Realizing evocative surface effects

For ‘Mystic Nature’ as part of the collection, the team from Stahl Design Studio® looked at ways surfaces could reconnect users with nature and wellbeing. “We have developed new surfaces that show unexpected effects. For example, a natural-looking automotive craquelé effect, as it appears in nature with drying or aging. We also created a glow-in-the-dark effect on a surface that gets glossy when rubbed or when different surfaces touch. These are just examples to inspire new ideas.”

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Mystic Nature: the new haptic and visual experience
Alexander Schieke
Global Market Manager - Mobility