NSF registration for beamhouse alternative Proviera<sup>®</sup> - Priobiotics for Leather™

NSF registration for beamhouse alternative Proviera® - Priobiotics for Leather™

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January 15th, 2019

The leather industry is going through vast changes as it strives for more sustainable practices and circularity. NSF-approval is a vital asset as a recognized clean label, which allows tanning by-products to be re-used in other applications. Our beamhouse alternative Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ has passed NSF’s toxicology assessment and is registered in the NSF White Book™.

100% sustainable beamhouse alternative

Billions of square feet of leather are produced on a yearly basis. The production of this leather leaves a significant environmental footprint due to the water and energy use, but also waste material from the tanning process. Of this process, the beamhouse is traditionally responsible for 70% of the wastewater, which offers a great opportunity for innovation.

Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ is the leading edge alternative to traditional chemistry used in the beamhouse process. It uses a 100% natural and biodegradable technology, based on metabolites derived from a controlled fermentation process featuring probiotic cultures and natural ingredients. As it is fully natural, it reduces the amount and improves the quality of the effluent load. This way, it lowers the environmental footprint of the beamhouse process, while boosting the leather quality.

NSF-registered beamhouse solution for clean-labeled products To ensure that by-products from the tanning process are safe to use as raw materials, such as irreplaceable foodstuffs like gelatin and collagen, it is vital to ensure they are risk-free. NSF International offers product registration for nonfood compounds such as lubricants, cleaners and water-treatment chemicals. All three steps of the Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ process have been NSF-registered, allowing food and beverage processors to prove their products are clean labeled, which is vital for certification from Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). 

Find out about the many benefits of Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™

NSF-registration is just one of the perks our beamhouse alternative has to offer. For tanners, it offers a number of additional advantages on safety and production. Download the latest tech flash to learn about the many benefits of Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™.

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