Providing knowledge for a better industry

Providing knowledge for a better industry

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October 2, 2018

With our Stahl Campus® courses and sessions, we work with partners, industry experts, students and many other professionals to provide them with new insights and knowledge. We believe that this is the way to create change throughout the entire supply chain, where we make practices better from raw materials to end product.

How our Stahl Campus operates

Juan Antonio Frias is Stahl Campus® Manager of Stahl in León, México. He has been working for the company and gladly shares why knowledge is so vital: “Recently, I searched for the definition of knowledge as it is found in the Cambridge Dictionary. It says, ‘understanding of, or information about a subject that you get by experience or study’, which basically is what we do at Stahl Campus®.”

“We invite customers, technicians, designers and students to participate in training modules. These sessions not only include talks or expositions, but we also put into practice what we teach. We often start by following basic modules to establish a common understanding, after which we focus on specific themes matching the participants’ interests or needs. We reinforce and enrich different topics reviewed in the lessons – often topics that are important for activities in the contributor’s respective factories. Naturally, at Stahl Campus® we aim to make our modules interesting, inspiring, and enjoyable for all participants in the sessions. The global scope, coverage, and long expertise of Stahl in the leather industry allow us to offer a very rich program in training.”

Knowledge at the core

“The topics reviewed in the Stahl Campus® are diverse. They include the different transformations that occur when processing natural, raw material into beautiful, high-performance products for daily life, such as shoes, furniture, leather goods or car interiors. Stahl Campus® is a great opportunity to strengthen skills and capabilities to make working methods more efficient by sharing experiences and studying products and procedures. Responsibility and safety are also important factors in our training. With this, we’ll contribute to facing current and future challenges that the industry and society have to cope with.”

Always up-to-date

“The leather and chemical industry is very dynamic. Every day new products are developed to meet new requirements with all the challenges that appear. Continuous updating is of the utmost importance, both for the industry and for Stahl Campus®. That’s why we frequently revise our modules according to the needs of the industry, while all training can be tailored according to the participants’ profile.”

“Knowledge is everything, and Stahl Campus® is all about the great possibilities to share that knowledge.”

Find out more about our Stahl Campus® here. For the possibilities of Stahl Campus® sessions in Mexico, contact Juan Antonio Frias.