Q &A May Zhen, Technical Service Manager

Q &A May Zhen, Technical Service Manager

May 14th, 2020

Q & A May Zhen, Technical Service Manager 

Globally, Stahl has taken measures to limit the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Stahl people around the world continue to do their jobs with commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism, while observing the necessary safety and hygiene guidelines. May Zhen, Technical Service Manager at the Stahl China GTC Lab, is one of our colleagues that has seen big changes in her daily work. We asked her a few questions how the outbreak changed her daily work life. 

What is your function and what are your main responsibilities?
I'm May Zhen, Technical Service Manager at the Stahl China GTC Lab. My main responsibilities are to coordinate and ensure the operations of all application laboratories in GTC are carried out to the appropriate standards (Wet-End Lab Leather Finishing Lab, Fur & Woolskin Lab, and Physical Testing Lab). I help the Technical Manager to organize, delegate and carry out the workload of the technical team for all aspects of Technical Service and Promotions. I coordinate key projects, collections, fairs, promotional materials and all other activities of the technical team on both a country and regional level when required. Lastly, I monitor costs, efficiencies, water usage etc. within all technical lab functions of GTC and proactively improve aspects at all possible points.

How has the Covid-19 situation affected your daily work life? 
The Covid-19 affects the whole world. It was first announced by Academician Zhong Nanshan that the novel coronavirus can be transmitted from human to human on January 20th, 2020, just close to the Chinese Lunar New Year. My family, like most families in China, didn't go out except shopping once a week. Children across the country couldn’t go to school either. We amused ourselves at home, by doing exercises, playing games, studying and reading books and made full use of this time to enhance parent-child relationship. During the period, my cooking skills have been greatly improved. In those days, we checked the epidemic situation changes every day, and wished it would be over quickly. The company delayed the re-open, due to the government's requirements. Before resuming work, employees worked at home, and the team kept in touch with each other to complete the work efficiently at home.

How did you adapt to the new situation? 
On February 24th, 2020 we began to shift back to work at the office. We kept active communication via multiple tools and helped each other to follow up tasks. On March 31st, 2020, GTC was fully back to work. The whole laboratory is back to its usual busy days. Due to various factors, the team reduced times of visits to customers, but actively maintained contact and communication with customers through communication tools, and brought the trials back to the laboratory when possible. At present, apart from wearing masks and keeping social distance between people, it has no obvious impact on our laboratory work.

By the way, all children started the online learning at home since March, and later this month my daughter will return back to the school, good news for both parents and children!

Which positive changes have you experienced and wish you could to maintain afterwards? 
Cherish what we have at the moment