Stahl Campus<sup>®</sup> provides knowledge and training for industry professionals

Stahl Campus® provides knowledge and training for industry professionals

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June 7th, 2019

Stahl Campus® helps experts in leather production, coating formulation and application explore new technologies and best practices. Thousands of professionals have gone through training programs at Stahl facilities around the world, participating in tailor-made courses and sessions.

A more responsible industry requires knowledge

As supplier of chemical solutions and technologies, Stahl has set itself the goal of promoting for a more responsible industry. But how can a chemical supplier help organizations move towards more sustainable production? This is where knowledge becomes the great differentiator and that’s why we founded Stahl Campus®in 2014, to share better practices that help you improve product properties and reduce the environmental footprint.

Training all over the world in coating technologies

Under the leadership of former Stahl Campus® manager Frans van den Heuvel and current manager Annelies Janssen – van Drunen, the program has rapidly grown and is now a well-known institute in the industries we serve. The training we offer include leather production and the whole spectrum of performance coatings Stahl is active in. Thanks to our Centers of Excellence, located around the world, training programs can be undertaken all over the world. We also work closely with universities, like our partner the University of Northampton, with whom we’ve developed a vocational training program in leather finishing for their students.

Tailored programs based modular training system

Stahl Campus® works with a modular system. This enables us to create a custom-made course, and be flexible and very specific in meeting the educational needs. To give you an impression of the possibilities, you find some options here:

For leather businesses we offer training in the following:

Each module can be adapted to a particular level of knowledge and particular needs. Find out more about our leather modules.

For performance coatings, we have specific training for elastomer coatings, seat and trim, synthetics and textiles based on the following 3-Day approaches:

There are various possibilities in extending the 3-Day program with additional training. Find out more about our modules for performance coatings.

What can Stahl Campus® do for you?

Curious in what ways Stahl Campus®can help educate or train your team? Make sure you have the knowledge that enables you to stay ahead in a thriving market. Please take a look at our Stahl Campus® brochure or contact Annelies Janssen- van Drunen.

Are you looking for more information?

Please get in touch with your relevant contact within Stahl:

Stahl Campus<sup>®</sup> provides knowledge and training for industry professionals
Annelies Janssen - van Drunen
Global Campus Manager