Stahl Design Studio<sup>®</sup> captures future design trends

Stahl Design Studio® captures future design trends

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December 9th, 2019

The fashion industry moves at a high pace, and staying on top of the latest trends in materials, colors, and style is essential for designers and brands. To support customers and inspire designers, Stahl Design Studio® creates seasonal collections that show the latest trends and enables them to stay one step ahead.

Serving customers with forecasting

Fashion designers are always on the clock for their next collections and on the lookout for innovative concepts. In order to really support the industry, our collections capture what is new, as we analyze and try to understand consumer needs, like in our latest Spring Summer 2021 collection. Illuminating emerging trends timely, gives brands the opportunity to process these into their collections and develop their own expressions. For Stahl Design Studio®, this means exploring and uncovering today what will shape the industry and capture tomorrow’s market. Their global expertise is of great help to customers.

Capturing future design trends

Finding out what trends are emerging means carefully watching, monitoring, and collecting what you see emerging. This is exactly what the team of Stahl Design Studio® does. They take inspiration from travel, observing emerging macro trends on the streets and online; social networks, history, and art. All these are signaling what and where tomorrow will bring us, and what we can expect from the future. After gathering enough material, the team comes together to analyze and decide on which emerging trends they will focus on. This helps to create color cards, and a story for each collection.

Turning possibilities into realities

But this is not where Stahl Design Studio® stops. At Stahl, we believe that if it can be imagined, it can be created. Together with Stahl technicians, we set to work to create samples that illustrate the possibilities that can be developed based on our collection concepts. This way, we can truly provide our customers with the possibilities to distinguish themselves on the fashion market.

Watch the movie to learn how Stahl Design Studio® team creates the collection for Spring Summer 2021 in Castelfranco di Sotto, Italy. Curious what Stahl Design Studio® can do for you? Get in touch with our team.

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