Stahl India installs Zero Liquid Discharge technology at Kanchipuram site

Stahl India installs Zero Liquid Discharge technology at Kanchipuram site

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October 22th, 2019

Stahl has been working globally on reducing the environmental footprint. Not just of our clients with responsible chemistry, but also by applying our efforts to our own production facilities. In India, at our Kanchipuram site, we installed Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment technology that helps reduce the effluent from the facility and contribute to a bigger water supply.

Environmental efforts at Stahl facilities

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure to announce improvements at our Suzhou, China, manufacturing site, where we upgraded our wastewater treatment facilities. Another big upgrade we are particularly proud of is the conversion of our Brasil industrial plant to solar energy, by installing 2,225 solar modules on the roofs and around the grounds and parking lot. This enables us to supply 50% of the power for our plant in Portão. Kanchipuram shows the next step in this process.

Zero Liquid Discharge technology

ZLD is growing globally as an important strategy to reduce water pollution and expand the water supply. Water is one of the biggest environmental issues and any options to reduce its use and our impact on the water bodies of the planet is of the greatest interest. ZLD is a technology that enables us to minimize waste, recover resources, treat toxic industrial waste streams and reduce water quality impacts.


Installment of the ZLD-based treatment system in India has been a significant investment, but essential for our production facility. This new, innovative wastewater treatment process enables the factory to process 100m3 of wastewater per day and enables a recovery of 75% of water used in process and utilities. Commonly, ZLD plants use thermal (steam) energy for the concentration of dissolved solids. We utilize an innovative and sustainable way to use the energy via a heat pump and a mechanical vapor compressor, which reduces thermal energy use by 50% and more. The solid waste is safely disposed of through accredited waste processing companies. The effectiveness of this treatment method leads to reductions in both costs and air emissions.

The most important benefits of the ZLD installation are:

The most important advantages are:

With this new process in plays, Stahl strives to fulfill its role as responsible and exemplary corporate citizen in the region. Stahl India continues to follow the policy of complete compliance and beyond. Would you like to know more about our facility? Contact T. Manimaran, Director Operations at Stahl India. Read more about our efforts in our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report.

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