Stahl Polymers introduces new water-based acrylic polymer for floor polish

Stahl Polymers introduces new water-based acrylic polymer for floor polish

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June 21, 2018

Public spaces are often characterized by heavy footfall. The floors in these areas are inclined to quickly become dirty and slippery. Poor maintenance will result in surfaces wearing out prematurely. It is quite a challenge to keep the floors in these areas clean, representative and well maintained. That’s why Stahl Polymers has introduced Picassian® AC-233: a new, high performance water-based acrylic polymer for floor polish in commercial areas like supermarkets.

A welcoming feel to your customers

Picassian® AC-233 is an acrylic resin that is evaluated by the resistance to traffic. It secures high gloss and appearance for a longer time, is easy in use and requires less maintenance. Picassian® AC-233 also has good scratch and scuff resistance because of the use of a metal-complex technology. A perfect floor polished to give customers a welcoming feel.

Glossy look with effective maintenance

Supermarkets and other busy public spaces, generally spend a lot of time to maintain their floors. High speed buffing is needed to obtain and maintain a glossy look. As this is labor intensive supermarkets want to minimize the maintenance costs. Once the floor has been treated with Picassian® AC-233, maintenance becomes much more effective. Instead of applying a new coating, light spray buffing is just enough to restore the glossy look.

Different technology for high resistance

Stahl Polymers is using a metal-complex technology to improve the resistance to heavy footfall and rolling load traffic. This emulsion is implemented in Picassian® AC-233 to make sure that the floor is resistant to scuffs and scratches.

Entering new markets

Up till now the market leader in surface treatment and coating solutions for flexible materials particularly sold polymers for domestic applications. Octavio Espinosa, Sales Manager at Stahl Polymers in Mexico, explains: “Stahl Polymers already had the experience in developing a partially acrylic resin for low traffic areas. We took that experience to develop Picassian® AC-233. We changed the monomers in the backbone of the resin to create a higher performance, fully acrylic solution.”

Octavio Espinosa continues: “For us, it is like a new market we enter. This polish is used in busy supermarkets and comes in direct contact with people. It is a different application. For this reason we are most considerate to provide a safe and clean product. The polymer is water-based, more sustainable and very clean. We also take good care of informing our clients about the use of the product. Floor polish must be applied by well-trained people and high speed buffing machines are essential to make full use of the benefits of Picassian® AC-233.”

Rising demand

Stahl Polymers notices a rising demand for this solution. Globally produced and used, this type of resin is slowly gaining market share. Octavio Espinosa: “I’m proud that we can offer this high-end application to our customers. No matter what volume, Stahl Polymers is willing to serve clients with tailor made solutions. Their customers will have a better shopping experience when they visit their store.”

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Stahl Polymers introduces new water-based acrylic polymer for floor polish
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