Stories of our people: Montse Pous

Stories of our people: Montse Pous

April 22th, 2021

At Stahl, people have always been fundamental to our success. Around the world, their talent, passion and commitment drive us forward, helping us shape a better world for more people. We caught up with one of these many passionate employees, Montse Pous, who joined Stahl over two decades ago…


Hi Montse! Could you tell us about how your career has developed at Stahl?

I joined Stahl 23 years ago as an R&D technician in Parets (Spain), after finalizing my bachelor’s degree in chemistry. After eight years of learning about and experimenting in polymerization, I moved to the Performance Coatings department as a lab application technician. Here, I gained a broader understanding of Stahl’s business, which of course extends beyond selling chemicals to offering customers and partners close technical support.

Over time, I increasingly understood that I was truly fulfilled when I was able to combine my technical know-how with my passion for working with people. So, when I was offered my current role as Project Manager at the Center of Excellence in Performance Coatings in Parets, I didn’t think twice! In this position, I really feel I can give the best of myself.

How have you found working at Stahl?

Having been at Stahl Parets for more than two decades, I have seen our organization change and evolve in line with the demands of our customers and the markets we serve. Especially in recent years, it’s been clear that there is a strong alignment and commitment to sustainability. Of course, the past year has been a difficult one because of the pandemic, but Stahl people have demonstrated, once again, a lot of resilience and strength.

I’m also very proud of the practical steps that our organization has taken – and is taking – to embed equality, diversity and inclusion. For me, diversity is a broad concept that doesn’t just apply to race, gender, age, culture, but also to different ways of thinking, personal backgrounds, ideals, beliefs, skills and emotional intelligence. Diversity of all these elements makes an organization powerful – and I’m glad they are present within our Performance Coatings team in Parets.

Of course, we still have room to improve on diversity, especially looking back when I was the only woman at the Global Performance Coatings Sales meetings. We must all continue on this journey by contributing to equality between men and women in the workplace, in terms of treatment and opportunities.

In addition, I’m proud that – increasingly – our organization empowers its employees. I do think people are the key resource to take care of in any organization. Career development opportunities are an important part of this, as well as the management change and leadership style where communication and transparency will be key.

What are your dreams for the future of your work?

My dream vision of the future is to be part of Stahl’s movement in the direction we are starting to take: that is, caring, supporting and empowering employees by listening to their expectations and ideas, and enabling their career development. This is key to keeping our people motivated and engaged. We can retain our talent for many years by providing new opportunities for them to support projects – even those from a different department or area – where they can add significant value.

And finally, of course, my dream is to be able to see and hug my colleagues in person, and see their smiles without masks! :)

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Stories of our people: Montse Pous
Michele Taraschi
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