Technologies for the convergence of fashion and outdoor

Technologies for the convergence of fashion and outdoor

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July 24th, 2019

Fashion producers are seeing a shift. Both in the streets as in the mountains, garments, footwear and accessories are changing. Streetwear brands combine stylish items with performance qualities. At the same time, gone is the distinct look for outdoor wear, replaced by stylish color schemes and neat design. The industries are converging and this means new and complex challenges for designers and technicians.

Solutions for versatile products

From a consumer’s point of view, the key to a great choice of a product is versatility. This means a coat for wearing on the ski slope but doesn’t look out of place at a restaurant. But it also is a stylish backpack for the daily commute, with high-performance qualities like water resistance and dirt repellency. Whether it concerns leather, fabrics or synthetic materials, this puts a high demand on the properties of the material and the right surface treatment is vital.

Combining performance and aesthetics

To meet the growing demand for solutions that need to provide both the looks as well performance properties that ensure durable products, Stahl offers portfolios that combine the two. A wide range of coloring solutions, high-gloss or matte effects and other aesthetic effects are available. This can be combined with performance properties, like water repellency, resistance properties and protective qualities.

For leathers, our Stahl Neo® portfolio contains a full range of finishing solutions that help enhance leather products. Where it concerns fabrics and synthetics, our performance coatings portfolio has a wide range of properties to offer. This enables manufacturers, to create clothing, footwear, but also accessories like bags, that combine all the qualities consumers have come to expect. The best thing is, all solutions in these portfolios are ZDHC MRSL compliant and even set higher standards in responsibility. But there’s more.

Product support with custom solutions

Not only does Stahl offer extensive brand services, to support your latest vision in style and performance. Our coated fabrics team helps develop custom solutions that meet precisely the performance needs your product needs, whether that is a cutting-edge outdoor product, or providing an edge on the volatile fashion market with high-performing properties.

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Technologies for the convergence of fashion and outdoor
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