The future of digital printing for synthetic surfaces

The future of digital printing for synthetic surfaces

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August 13th, 2018

Manufacturers and designers turn towards printing to create unique products with exceptional color quality and the freedom to customize. Enduring quality of printed surfaces is vital for success in the market, which poses new challenges for businesses. To meet those demands with the required product innovation, we have cooperated with HP to provide the future of digital printing for synthetic materials with responsible technologies. During ACLE, we will demonstrate the extensive and surprising possibilities.

Printing that meets market demands

The growing market for synthetics requires innovation and new possibilities from brands and manufacturers in order for them to stand out. High-quality printing and new customizing technologies offer exactly that opportunity. That is why we partnered up with HP to create printing innovation that facilitates the transformation of the industry. The water-based HP Latex Inks preserve the flexibility of the material, and with the right coating solutions the quality is retained. The durability of Stahl EVO® coating does just that and combined with the excellent HP inks, this provides a printing solution that meets the need for durable quality in a cost-effective and responsible way. Together, Stahl and HP present cutting-edge technology that offers complete creative freedom and unlimited aesthetic options. Thanks to this, consistent color intensity is guaranteed on a variety of surfaces.

Shared values in sustainability and quality

The drive towards innovation and sustainability is at the heart of both Stahl and HP, and we are committed to delivering a responsible product portfolio that meets any creative needs. Partnership is a valuable way for both to further reduce the impact on the environment with a variety of high-tech solutions, such as digital printing on synthetics. By combining the most advanced products in our product lines, we can match responsibility with the best possible performance.

HP Latex Inks: printing excellence

François Tanière, Worldwide Marketing Business Developer at HP Inc. Large Format Printing Division about the partnership with Stahl: “We have first demonstrated our partnership during FESPA’s Global Print Expo in Berlin last May. Visitors could experience how HP Latex Technology and Stahl EVO® complement each other in the best possible way. The partnership with Stahl enables us to reach new markets and help our customers to quickly adapt to new market trends while reducing costly stocks.”

Stahl EVO®: perfect match for printing

Stahl EVO® is our Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) compliant range of polyurethane coatings. Sidnei Blos, Global Market Manager Synthetics, shares the advantages of Stahl EVO® for printing: “Stahl EVO® does not contain any hazardous classified substances and offers the performance leading brands are expecting. For digital printing, the Stahl EVO® primer is the perfect preparation and a 100% water-based Stahl EVO® top coat is perfect for applying on printed synthetic substrates to create durable, smooth and wide color gradients.”