Time Well Spent: products and technology with a purpose

Time Well Spent: products and technology with a purpose

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February 18th, 2020

‘Less is more’ has never been as true as now, as digitalization reduces the number of physical objects we require and as the way we live rapidly transforms. In exploring trends, Stahl Design Studio® found that there is an increased focus on the quality of products and purposes. Time is precious, and that is embodied by what the team calls ‘Time Well Spent,’ captured in the Automotive Design Inspiration collection 2020.

From bigger to better

This trend shows itself in how people turn to crafts as a way to spend their time, but also in applications and activities that emulate more natural, high-quality experiences such as slow food as opposed to fast food. It’s about the essence of things, says Caroline Hartmann, Manager Mobility at Stahl Design Studio®: “We will move from living bigger to living better. The demand for transparency will escalate, as it does for sustainable materials. There is a big movement in developing new, eco-friendly materials. Veganism is also connected to this trend.”

Capturing quality with retro styling

In creating the ‘Time Well Spent’ part of the collection, the Stahl Design Studio® team looked at product aspects that generate a sense of timelessness – a look and feel that embodies the quality of purposeful and lasting products. “The colors embrace a retro quality and offer a consideration of calmness. For surfaces and materials, the production process will become as important as the final product, and value will be added through meaning with products that incorporate poetic and personal narratives,” explains Caroline Hartmann. This way of thinking has allowed the team to create samples that capture the spirit of ‘Time Well Spent’: “For this trend group, we have created a pull-up effect, which has a handmade and vintage look. We use selected embossing to illustrate a handcrafted and precious appearance, made with love and combined with sophisticated metallic effects.”

Redesigning products for a meaningful and long life

‘Time Well Spent’ will profoundly affect the way we produce, explains Caroline Hartmann: “Products will be reduced to the essence. A resourceful approach to production will emerge, as designers will focus on saving energy and eliminating unnecessary processes, resulting in products that have a sense of simplicity and poetry. A handmade look, carefully crafted.”

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Time Well Spent: products and technology with a purpose
Alexander Schieke
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