Working globally, without borders

Working globally, without borders

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September 11th, 2018

For those employed at Stahl, the expression “Breaking Boundaries” has a particular ring to it. It suitably describes the working environment people experience at our facilities and many consider themselves fortunate to work in such an international environment. Maria Sirvent is one of those people who lives and works as part of our global community. She tells you all about her experience at Stahl and how everyday interaction breaks down borders at Stahl. 

The beauty of diversity

“We live in a world where, unfortunately, there are wars, racial and social discrimination, separatist policies, extremely radical ideologies…but at the same time, and fortunately, this is also a wonderful world where millions of people coexist with the desire to relate, travel, learn from other cultures… simply living together, without prejudice and wanting to give others the best of themselves. And precisely this last one, to me, is Stahl: A world, where plenty of opportunities and possibilities come together, and people from different countries work together and share knowledge and ideas. In fact, you could say we live together.”

Global company

“Working in a global company, diversity is something we already take for granted. Beyond business, it is worth valuing and being aware of the richness of having the world at your fingertips. You open your mind and your life is filled with anecdotes of all colors and languages. Since the opening of the Center of Excellence in Parets just over a year ago, this flow of borderless relations has grown enormously. Business, trainings, meetings, they all take place under the same roof, where visitors receive a warm welcome at Stahl Iberica. The corridors of what we call ‘Building H’ are filled of funny anecdotes about the good relationship between colleagues and visitors from different parts of the world.”

Saying hello across borders

“The international character is something that permeates every aspect of life at Stahl. One example is the moment when we greet each other. It’s both fun and endearing to see that exchange of kisses, hugs or handshakes, accompanied by laughter and comments:

“Do I give you two kisses like the Spanish tradition?”
“I give you two kisses but starting with the left cheek, like we do in Italy?”
“Shall I give you three Dutch kisses?”
“You know what, I will give you a hug” (where there is already more confidence, affection and friendship).

Just a polite handshake perhaps? That’s always a good choice, whether it’s the culture of the country, the first meeting or the formality of the moment. How wonderful to be able to greet each other in so many ways! What fun when one intends to greet in one way and the other inadvertently has something else in mind… Thought it may seem simple, this is an example of multicultural richness in something as simple as a kind greeting.”

World Cup fun at Stahl

“Only recently we celebrated the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and the posters that our Communication Department designed hung on the walls at the different Stahl sites. It was a great occasion for jokes between colleagues who were fans of the different football teams: Germans joked with Dutch and Italian colleagues, because they did not participate in the competition. Just the day after, Germany was surprisingly eliminated and the joke was on them. The Dutch and Italian colleagues wrote the result of the match against South Korea on the posters under the watchful eyes of the sad Germans and the smiling French.”

A global company where boundaries are broken

“There is nothing more enriching than good communication between people. Being able to speak to each other, probably the universal language is English. But it is good to see how we try to learn words and expressions that are part of the local language or the languages from places we visit or colleagues who visit us. All of us have the patience and willingness to forgive errors of expression in other languages, because in the end a good attitude and respect are universal languages. It’s the ability and will to understand and adapt, the desire to share, combined with a smile on your face that breaks through any boundaries.”

“Business, meetings, work, learning, sport, friendship, dinners, lunches, effort, sacrifice, rewards… all that is Stahl, with all its people, in all its colors, languages and cultures, without borders.”