Stahl Leather Chemicals division

Stahl Leather Chemicals division

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Stahl is the world number one in surface coatings and process chemicals for leather. Our Leather Chemicals division offers innovative and sustainable solutions for established mainstream and new and emerging niche markets. It also works closely with our Performance Coatings & Polymers division.

Advanced solutions for wet-end and leather finishing

The division focuses on both the wet-end and leather-finishing stages of the leather making process. Wet-end involves converting raw hides into tanned ones, and Stahl offers targeted and innovative and environmentally friendly processing solutions. The leather-finishing stage involves enhancing the softness and aesthetics of the tanned hide, removing odors and creating non-slip surfaces for high performance applications like automotive interiors, footwear, bags, garments, leather goods and upholstery.

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Stahl Leather Chemicals division
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Global Marketing - Business Unit Leather Chemicals