Inspiring partnerships: VOC-free powder coatings with OEM NuTech

Inspiring partnerships: VOC-free powder coatings with OEM NuTech

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The trend for people to surround themselves with pure, natural and sustainable products is driving demand for eco-friendly powder coatings. Recognizing an opportunity that fitted with our sustainability strategy, Stahl began working with Australian coatings innovator OEM NuTech. The joint venture went so well that Stahl bought the company’s R&D operation.

Powder coatings without VOCs

The Stahl-OEM NuTech relationship began in 2015 when we started creating a system to develop high-quality eco-friendly powder coatings. The combination of our innovation power and OEM NuTech’s environmental know-how led us to create a sustainable and efficient powder coating solution that didn’t involve using volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Center of Excellence for environmentally friendly solutions

Given how well we worked together, it seemed a logical next step to incorporate OEM NuTech’s R&D arm into our powder coatings business. Developing products close to our main European markets, at our l´Hospitalet de Llobregat facility in Spain, strengthens our position as technology leader for UV and ULB powder coatings for heat-sensitive substrates, and accelerates our speed to market.

The facility is now a Stahl Center of Excellence for Powder Coatings. Maintaining the partnership mentality that helped found it, our experts at the Center of Excellence work side-by-side with partners to develop and test new applications for specific areas and industries.

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Inspiring partnerships: VOC-free powder coatings with OEM NuTech
Oliver Rau
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