Rinspeed: creating the car interior of the future

Rinspeed: creating the car interior of the future

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As the surface expert for car interior trim materials like leather, synthetics and rubbers, Stahl cooperates for the fourth time with Rinspeed in creating the car of the future. As the market leader in their niche, Stahl believes that investing in strong partnerships is the key to changing the automotive industry in the long run. By pushing boundaries, innovation and by shaping the future of urban mobility together.

The concept car of Rinspeed is the perfect example of the inspiration that arises from working together with the leading brands from various fields to move boundaries and to succeed in creating the best solutions. Every year we challenge ourselves again in how to contribute to lowering the environmental impact.

Advanced chemistry for a lower impact on the environment

Stahl believes in the value of trusted partnerships. In the automotive leather category, Stahl has partnered with Bader Leather, co-developing next-generation environmentally friendly natural automotive leather. After carefully selected raw materials, Stahl used advanced chemistry based on natural, renewable resources made from plant ingredients with a low impact on the environment. Together Stahl and Bader challenged the norms and pushed boundaries in each stage of the manufacturing process. The end result is a natural leather of the highest quality produced in a more responsible way, meeting the demands of the automotive sector of tomorrow.

High performance and aesthetic value

With this years’ micro SNAP concept car, Stahl recognizes the long-term trend for personal-hygiene solutions in car interiors. High performance and the aesthetic value are more important than ever. The use of pale colors in the car interior is increasing and are used more intensively as a shared living space. This makes it even more important to keep the car interior clean and enticing. Stahl is proud to present our latest generation of surface coatings for leather and synthetics as well as the innovative aftercare range using Stahl’s Stay Clean® technology . The Stay Clean® products protect pale-colored surfaces against common stains such as dye from jeans, spilled coffee and dirt. It avoids any permanent damage to used materials. The surface coatings and aftercare portfolio ensure a premium look and feel that not only is high in performance, but also pleases the eye.

Great innovations and lowering the environmental impact go hand in hand

In creating the car interior of the future, great innovations and lowering the environmental impact go hand in hand. At our headquarters in Waalwijk in the Netherlands and at our manufacturing site in Suzhou, China, we invite OEMs, peers and partners to our ‘Automotive Centers of Excellence’ to share knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for opening up endless possibilities.

At Stahl, we strive to minimize the presence of volatile substances from concept to launch. We recently invested in first-class VOC-analysis systems to further optimize the composition of coatings and to advise clients about the presence of VOCs in used materials. All the solutions that have been incorporated in the Rinspeed micro SNAP concept car are VOC-free and part of a higher mission: developing premium and more sustainable car interior materials that are in sync with the environment and the mobility needs of the future.

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Rinspeed: creating the car interior of the future
Stefan Buri
Global Marketing Director Mobility