Rinspeed: creating the car interior of the future

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Rinspeed concept cars demonstrate the inspiration that results when leading brands in various fields work together to move boundaries and create the best solutions. As one of them, every year, we challenge ourselves to find new ways to help lower environmental impact by creating the car interior of the future. By pushing boundaries and innovation to shape the future of urban mobility together.

The car as ‘third living space’ demands different interior materials

As people spend more and more time in their vehicles, the car is fast evolving from a means of transport to something more like a third living space after our homes and workplaces. The first result is that our idea of what a car interior should offer is changing. The second is that the supply chains that help create car interiors will need to adapt to ensure their end-products continue to be relevant and appealing to OEMs and end-consumers. And not just in terms of design and imagined use scenarios, but in terms of new materials and new material characteristics as well. Which is where Stahl comes into play.

Innovative solutions with sustainable technologies

Stahl has long been at the forefront of anticipating trends, adding new characteristics to the various materials used in the interiors of Rinspeed’s concept cars. From the eye-catching glow-in-the-dark leather in the Rinspeed Etos, to durable and sustainable matt and scratch-resistant leather finishes in the Rinspeed microSNAP.

The trend towards more sustainable technologies and manufacturing processes is increasingly crucial to success in designing the car of the future. Stahl’s future-proof and signature technologies meet the changes in material use. They include:

  • Stahl EasyWhite TanTM: leather tanned with Stahl EasyWhite TanTM reduces water, energy and chemical use, and delivers high-quality, soft and smooth leather with unique advantages for pale and vibrant colors. The high elasticity makes the leather flexible, tear resistant and hugely versatile, making it possible to create thinner and lighter leather than ever before.
  • Bio-based PolyMatte®: this solution, based on locally sourced rapeseed oil, creates a matt finish with a warm feel and pleasant touch.
  • Stahl Stay Clean®: technology: this technology creates long-lasting interiors by protecting (pure white and light-colored) materials from dirt and stains in heavy-wear environments such as a car interior.

Rinspeed concept cars: the world’s biggest think tank

Rinspeed concept cars demonstrate the most inspired and eye-catching automotive creations. Stahl has been working with the Swiss car design think tank since 2016, adding our surface finishing expertise to the interiors of Rinspeed’s concept cars.


Rinspeed metroSNAP

The Rinspeed metroSNAP concept car marks the fifth anniversary of Stahl’s partnership with Rinspeed. Designed to be secure, easy-to-use and modular, the vehicle meets the demand for mobility solutions that support smart city and passenger transport. 

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Rinspeed microSNAP

Stahl’s fourth collaboration with Rinspeed was the microSNAP concept car. Here, we focused on the long-term trend for personal-hygiene solutions in car interiors.

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Rinspeed SNAP

Rinspeed’s SNAP concept vehicle marked the third time that Stahl and Rinspeed bundled their expertise. The interior of the Rinspeed SNAP concept car is all about innovative solutions that are more sustainable, inspire and surprise the user.

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Rinspeed Oasis

The second outing in the Stahl-Rinspeed partnership was to develop the Oasis concept car. On the premise that people spend a lot of time in their cars, the theme was ‘the third living space for the future.’

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Rinspeed ΣTOS

In 2016, Stahl joined forces with Rinspeed, the creative think-tank and mobility lab for the automotive industry, for the first time.

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