The ultimate driving experience – meet the interior of the Rinspeed SNAP

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Rinspeed’s SNAP concept vehicle marked the third time that Stahl and Rinspeed bundled their expertise. The interior of the Rinspeed SNAP concept car is all about innovative solutions that are more sustainable, inspire and surprise the user.

Creating a ‘third living space’ 

Creating innovative and sustainable solutions that inspire and surprise the user was a challenge that Stahl enthusiastically rose to, leading us to do what we do best: push boundaries to create sustainable solutions that can form part of a better future.

Central to the brief was to create a premium look and feel that not only works esthetically – the most harmonious interior possible – but is focused on performance as well. To ensure longevity, we applied our Stahl Stay Clean® technology, an innovation that ensures a car interior will last for decades as it is protected from dirt and staining.

Besides boosting performance, we also added Stahl’s Edge Paint technology to enhance both the overall design freedom and the luxurious appeal of the interior – a true statement regarding premium craftsmanship that complements the driver’s personal style.

Environmental focus

Creating the car interior of the future is about both ‘great innovations’ and (perhaps even more so) the environment, so it follows that all the solutions used in the Rinspeed SNAP concept car are VOC-free.

For the production of the leather used in the interior of the Rinspeed SNAP, we implemented our sustainable wet-end technologies. It is tanned with Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, our sustainable tanning system. In addition we also replaced traditional beamhouse chemicals by Proviera®- Probiotics for Leather.

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The ultimate driving experience – meet the interior of the Rinspeed SNAP
Alexander Schieke
Global Market Manager - Mobility