Trusted partnerships for social responsibility

Trusted partnerships for social responsibility

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By stimulating cooperation in the supply chain, we believe sustainability evolves as a consequence. Stahl is working in partnerships on a wide variety of projects linked to transparency and corporate social responsibility and sustainability with industry associations, universities and other strategic partners.

Driving change together with our partners

We work together with our partners on different projects and programs. From industry associations, working groups, universities and other partners. Our partnerships are focused on driving change together, clearly linked to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Partnering up with Solidaridad in India and Ethiopia
Solidaridad, an international civil society organization, helps to make markets more inclusive and sustainable. A public-private partnership between Stahl, Solidaridad, and PUM was launched in 2017, in Kanpur, India. The five-year project is focused on reducing water pollution and will contribute to the wellbeing of thousands of families in the local community. Stahl’s contribution to this project is €900,000, split between cash and in-kind contributions. Progress was made in 2018 on this project, as the new center of excellence in Stahl Kanpur was built and a new Stahl Campus® manager was hired. Also, as part of the project, new low-environmental impact processing technologies were introduced at selected leather manufacturers.

In 2018 Stahl launched a public-private partnership in Ethiopia with local leather associations and international NGOs, including Solidaridad and CSR Netherlands (MVO) focused on water pollution in the tanning sector. Stahl’s contribution to this project is to provide training in good practices and technologies that improve environmental footprint, via Stahl Campus® modules.

BLC chemical testing
BLC is the leading leather testing and technology center dedicated to leather, footwear, chemical and leather product testing, to ensure fast and accurate solutions to leather related problems.

Cooperation with HP for durable printing
The joint technology platform created in partnership by Stahl and HP offers creative freedom and unlimited aesthetic options in durable printing. The water-based HP digital printing preserve the flexibility of material, while Stahl EVO® coating solutions ensure the highest surface performance is achieved.

Research project for 100% bio-based polyurethane
In the Bio NIPU project, together with partners, researches the development of 100% bio-based polyurethane with renewable resources, such as residues from sugar refineries and form the production of biofuel, natural oils and fats.

Sustainable and innovative new materials
Stahl is committed to the development of new material technologies. Our expertise helps our partners in the development of breakthrough materials which fulfil the requirements when it comes to both performance and aesthetics.

Educational initiatives
To acquire and share the right knowledge around the world, Stahl works closely with several universities on a wide array of projects. We actively promote partnerships with higher education institutions in order to secure talent for the future and maintain our leadership position in technology. 

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Trusted partnerships for social responsibility
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