Economic performance

Economic performance

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We see sustainability as a significant opportunity to gain competitive advantage and drive operational excellence throughout our company. Based on this, one of our goals is to have a transparent and sustainable supply chain, something we are working towards by initiating actions that promote transparency and introducing low-impact technologies that are designed to maximize environmental protection and stewardship.

Our innovation strategy involves using our financial strength, market leadership position and financial assets to create responsible chemistry and then using this know-how and the related assets to create new financial opportunities that will sustain our financial position into the future.

Our economic performance and sustainability

Our sustainability achievements reflect our financial performance. This works two ways. We need to make a profit to initiate activities that promote transparency and introduce low-impact technologies. And at the same time, being sustainable is profitable and we use our influential position as a provider of products and services to manufacturers of materials used in the automotive, apparel, home furnishing, footwear, garment and other industries to drive our corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy.

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GRI standard Economic performance

The GRI standard Economic performance includes the economic value generated and distributed by an organization; its defined benefit plan obligations; the financial assistance it receives from any government; and the financial implications of climate change.

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Economic performance
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