Employment: Our workforce is the foundation of our success

Employment: Our workforce is the foundation of our success

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Our success begins with the people who work for us, which is why we encourage trust, honesty, personal growth, innovation, creativity and teamwork. We employ 2,000 people and 61 nationalities in 27 countries at 13 manufacturing sites, 11 R&D centers and 38 technical centers.

Employment as foundation of success

The Stahl HR Team is responsible for ensuring that we have the right person in the right place at the right time – today and tomorrow. Diversity and equal opportunity are key factors in our employment policy.

Our workforce

The total number of employees (headcount) at 2018 year-end was 1,997, of which 76% male and 24% female. Almost our entire workforce is on permanent contracts (86%). Compared to 2017, our workforce reduced with 76 employees, mainly due to the complexity reduction and Value Improvement project implemented in the Leather organization with the aim to reduce the business complexity grown significantly with major acquisitions completed in the last years.

Total Full Time Employees (FTE) leaving (dismissals, resignations and other) during 2018 were 272 and 195 joined in the same period. These ratios are reasonable and in line with the market for the kind of activities and the location in which they take place. The turnover rate in 2018 was 10.58% compared to 14.2% in 2017.

Training and education

Every new employee – fulltime and part-time – receives Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) training and instruction in line with their position. This is followed by job-related training to ensure the best use of the information, resources, products and capabilities at their disposal. Our training program aims to provide our new and existing employees with all the resources they need.

Employment defined by GRI

GRI defines Employment by an organization’s approach to job creation, hiring, recruitment, retention and working conditions.

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Employment: Our workforce is the foundation of our success
Michael Costello
Group Director Environment, Social & Governance